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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bob, Blair and BONO

Breaking news: Bob sucks

It's all very cool Bob, digging up those old Rock'n'Roll fossils from the past and sticking them on stage for another Live Aid, but puh-lease stop toadying up to Blair, it really makes your cause look sad and calls into question your integrity.

On the subject of sad......

Breaking news: Bono is a big fucking stupid wanker

Pop hero and ultra-talented messiah Bono got his crap back. Whoopee. Is just me or is it really strange how U2 keeps winning various 'Industry Music awards' all the time and yet you never hear anything from them and their music is complete total shit. I smell a rat. Bono go and get run over by a bus you ghastly horrible wanker.

Oh yeah Olympics, London. Can't wait. I'll be there with two electric hooks keeping my mouth in a smile while Blair's chip inserted by his secret police is purifying my thoughts and making me wave my flag!! yay!!!!!

P.S Check out the most stupid cocksucking site I have ever seen, unless of course it is a joke and it would be very funny. If it's not a joke then truly it must have been put up by Bliar himself. I have never seen such an appaling bad taste spectacle as this. What next? Thankyoupuppet.com? Thankyoupoodle.com? ThankyouMussolini.com?


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