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Friday, May 05, 2006

Labour's horror at election pounding

"Labour suffered disastrous results in last night's local elections in England and was today reeling from its worst share of the vote since the Falklands war in 1982. By 8am this morning, Labour were on a projected 26% of the vote, behind the Tories on 40% and the Liberal Democrats on 27%" (Guardian)

I sat up all last night to watch the Dimbleby punditry on the local elections, election coverage is always worth a watch to get a rare glimpse of political truth breaking through the fog.

New Labour recieved quite a kicking last night and the Conservatives did very well, signalling a refreshing comeback, even taking the 'magic seat' of Ealing, cited by Dimbleby and his pundits as a kind of mystical omen for winning the general election itself. However no Tory guest on the BBC's election coverage actually wanted to really tackle the reality of New Labour which is curious. The Lib Dem's Simon Hughes did mention Labour's shocking contempt for freedom in the UK.

Labour's Nick Brown gave a great performance to Dimbleby; a genuinely alarmed backbencher who described the failed New Labour project as a desperately 'out of touch political elite', infering that Blair and his coterie of fanatical asslicking buffoons around him needs to go like yesterday. This was one of those rare powerful pieces of television.

However the answer is not as Nick Brown thinks, in the smooth and orderly coronation of Gordon Brown, who is already displaying his appalling arrogance by talking up just that. Coronating an ambitious Brown, who in stomach-churching speeches this year wants people to wave flags as they get their thumb scanned to buy their frozen chicken is only guaranteed to make matters a whole lot worse. This seems to strongly suggest that even those Labour MPs who don't like what's happening still don't understand the depth and gravity of the very very serious problems the UK is in, thanks largely to them accepting the Blair-Brown Faustian pact to begin with.

The massive political misinterpretation about Labour's election beating being due to 2 weeks of bad headlines was made (perhaps willfully) by many including various Labour officials throughout the evening and then mirrored elsewhere the following morning. For instance, The Sun's George Pascoe-Watson, after presumbably getting instructions about what to write from Murdoch stated that it was the series of embarassing gaffs and stories about Prescott that had done the damage to Labour.

It may have contributed to it and lost them a couple of extra seats but overall this analysis is just painfully, willfully wrong. Interesting too that Murdoch made sure the Labour election fiasco was essentially not on the front page of the Sun.

One wonderful email sent in by a BBC viewer and read out by Dimbleby said in effect, "What's wrong with New Labour ? Why can't they just understand that everyone just wants them to go?"

This reality is one that is apparently unspeakable in polite political circles, although was strongly hinted towards by the BBC's Nick Robinson. Labour got a long-overdue kicking thanks to their unforgivable deliberate destruction of democracy, constitution and the rule of law in the UK which they eagerly sought to replace with a political police state and corporatist form of government. The fanatical New Labour elite and their cadre of financiers, worthless crony peers and corrupt placed puppets have merely received a response to that, proving that Blair/Brown/New Labourism must now be relegated into the historical dustbin of failed ideologies.

Perpetual wars initiated on a barrel of lies, the radical humiliating ID slave grid, exponential growth of government and the state, endless social engineering which nobody wants are far more likely culprits for Labour's results. You can't seriously glue yourself onto the back of geopolitical scorched-Earth world-reshaping aggression and feverishly create a domestic Orwellian police state and hope nobody notices too much. If anything, the 2 weeks of Prescott, Clarke, Hewitt etc. have merely reinforced what the regime is all about; a giggling, genocidally out-of-touch cabal which needs to be removed at all costs before it can do anymore damage.

In a planned emergency reshuffle, designed by the fanatical regime leader Blair to deflect attention away from the disastrous election results and more importantly from the systemic rot that has taken over thereby evading the real point that nobody wants New Labour period, Blair has finally sacked his most useful pet: the porcine fabricator Charles Clarke:

"Charles Clarke has said he does "not agree" with Tony Blair's decision to sack him as home secretary [...] Mr Clarke told the BBC he could have "carried through" the reforms needed to the Home Office following the furore over foreign criminals in the UK.

The prime minister had to make "hard judgements", Mr Clarke said, adding that he remained a supporter." BBC

In a bizarre response to this long-overdue sacking of the hog-wild liar, Liberty's Shami Chakrabarti got it all wrong in describing Clarke as some kind of statesman and hero who we all dotingly looked up to during the London bombings:

"His finest moment was hours after the London bombings last July. As frightened people hung on his every word, he made vital distinctions between distasteful speech and cold-blooded murder and admitted that ID cards would not have prevented the atrocity. He forgot party politics and demonstrated what a home secretary could and should be"

That's not how I remember it, I recall a grandstanding dungeon keeper telling the country how many civil liberties they needed to give up to win in the Clash of Civilizations. And who's Home Office was deliberately and maliciously leaking stories about de Menezes' visa to revise his death and then protecting the most flawed sociopathic cretin ever to head up the Met who tried to cover up the investigation and who misled the public about the state execution?

There's a time and place for measured language but this wasn't it, Chakrabarti is miles off course on this one. Clarke's finest moment was in getting sacked today and then squeeling like the wild boar he is as he realises he has no purpose outside of whatever slops Blair threw his way. Sadly he has been replaced by 'preventative war' advocate, bruiser and Labour attack dog John Reid.

Meanwhile, Prescott has been stripped of his duties, Jack Straw thankfully dragged off the international stage and given the humiliating job of Leader of the Commons, while the infatuated Blairite sycophant Geoff Hoon is even further demoted into permanent oblivion as European minister.

Many Labour councillors must be fuming that they are out of a job, and it's exactly what they deserve. They have themselves to blame for accepting the fanaticism of Blair and Brown which has sent the UK spiralling in all the wrong directions.

No reshuffle will suffice, no smooth transition arrangement to coronate an opportunistic ambitious prostitute like Gordon Brown will do, only the final and permanent removal of this horrific awful experiment in corporatism, despotism and sickly incestuous quangoism called New Labour will do the trick.


Blogger Richard said...


When you put a piece together - you really do put a piece together.

I don't think you missed a trick this time. I take my hat off to you.

To coin a phrase 'heckuva job, Jultra'.

Seriously, a wonderful piece of work.

10:10 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Cheers Richard! I'm so glad Labour got a pounding, it's long overdue and they deserve every bit of it.

And Labour have boxed themselves into a corner:

more years of Blair = more hatred towards them

'smooth transition'(Coronation of Brown) = worse

It's their own fault and they only have themselves to blame.

3:33 PM  

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