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Monday, June 27, 2005

ID Cards

In the UK the ID Card Bill will receive a second reading on Tuesday.

An unusual time for the UK. It is being headed by a completely discredited, ideologically corrupt, highly unpopular liar kept alive like a zombie by a flock of meek, weak little sheep who just want to keep their heads down.

It's always been difficult for me understand what Tony Bliar is still doing in office. After lying to the country about Iraq, relying on spin and manipulation as much as everyone else relies on air to breathe, filling up all sorts of institutions with his own blithering corrupt cronies, after presiding over the one of the most incompetent and stupid governments the UK has ever seen, after cooking up secret deals about how power will be cut up like a cake with Gordon Brown I just didn't really get it.

But then of course it was all too clear. Before the recent election at least, without him every one of his MPs feared in the back of their mind that the Labour party was simply not electable (Of course Labour have never really won elections the other parties have lost). So they let themselves be befuddled and bewitched by him, because it is easier for them to do that than to actually accept there was an ugly problem looming. That was too big a concept. Those closer to him, are just afraid of loosing their jobs. It is not that they secretly love or admire him, they don't. If the time was right and they knew they could get away with it, they would doubtless conspire to garotte him.

However, much like a hideous wart, the spinelessness of Labour backbenchers has been rather noticeable, so it can only be an ideal time for them to re-establish their voice. Especially now when Tony is at his weakest. You can see in his eyes that his heart is no longer in the job. His passion has gone. This means it is a very dangerous time for Bliar and he knows it.

Oh. We haven't talked about ID cards yet. Now, not that I particularly love the BBC, I don't. But that link refers to how ID Cards will become Tony Bliar's Poll Tax and I think there is a lot of truth in that.

It is clear that all the arguments about counteracting terrorism, fraud and illegal immigration have long since been lost (As if they were ever true to begin with) by those making them. I can only imagine that ID cards and 'biometric passports' were something that the beeatch Bliar promised his big daddy Bush in some secret deal about something or the other and they are actually to do with protecting America and very little else. It's sad that the Labour party has absolutely no credentials on this sort of thing anyway. Who remembers bungling Blunkett and his idea to give the milkman, the postman and everyone else the right to read your email? Followed by hopeless, incompetent home office ministers coming on TV trying to talk about the issues at hand as if they had some sort of grasp of them.

Yes, it was a tragedy and a sad embarassing spectacle to watch.

Personally speaking I won't be accepting the privilege of an ID card no matter what happens. I don't believe in them period and I don't even vaguely trust the motives of a lying, incompetent government. If that means restrictions/fines/prision so be it.
Things like this are too important.

This is going to be a wider problem anyway. You will end up with yet more of a two-tiered society, those who have them and those who don't. If for no other reason than the hideous expense which currently estimated to be something over £300.00

When this chalice of pure evil gets voted on, if I were a Labour backbench MP I would take a stand. Not only is it an opportunity to bury this evil that will stain the way good hardworking people get on with their lives reducing them to little more than enslaved manipulated drones, but I would take the opportunity of burying Bliar himself. Although I have never been a Labour supporter, I recognize the 'good message' of the Labour movement, although it's been well concealed in recent times; the Bliar side has distorted, twisted and corrupted everything that Labour once stood for.

The damage Tony Bliar is doing to the Labour party is potentially irreversible. Much like how aspects of Mrs. Thatcher's legacy haunted the Conservative Party but probably worse. When Labour leave power it may well be that they do not see it again for thirty or fifty years or more. If I were a Labour MP I wouldn't wish to help make it a hundred.



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