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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well I'm truly ashamed to admit that I've not actually written anything myself about the catastrophe in Gaza, an absolutely terrifying, horrendous and vile campaign that seems to have been well summarized and obviously has rightly caused huge outrage and protest across the world, along with fresh impetus about how Israel's policies toward the Palestinians are tackled in the long term.

It goes without saying we simply can't do any kind of justice in words to the realities of this and people affected by it, but just seeing some of the harrowing images of death and suffering from this conflict have been just absolutely sickening and devastating to the say the least and a shameful, monstrous and horrifying blight on the conscience of the world.

From what we've all been following in the news some of the tactics employed by Israel have been utterly obscene and outrageous crimes and what's so additionally scary is that from the last 8 years Israel and the US seem to have learned absolutely nothing.

Where is the process of persuasion here ?

It's getting more and more difficult to disagree with the wide body of opinion on different sides of the political spectrum that far far from 'maintaining its security', Israel itself is on the path to complete self destruction.

Maybe it's time to get those nuclear weapons of mass destruction out of Israel's hands.

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Blogger Richard said...

I too am ashamed - that I don't read and comment here as regularly should. You are still doing a great job.

I'm also ashamed that I removed you from my blogroll when you went "missing in (in)action" - heh. Please say if you're back in busineee full time and I'll put you back on my blogroll. You see, it's just that when a link "dies" or leads to an apparently "abandoned" place, the moaning & groaning brigade start sending their emails.

Incidentally, did you know that your email box/co is still bouncing back mail because your inbox is "full".

12:53 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Hey thank you Richard. And still bouncing eh ? I clear it out then it gets inundated with crap again 5 minutes later. Thanks for the note! I'll get onto it now.

And it's totally cool Richard, no one wants a link to an old stale blog like mine's often been. And to be honest I did kinda find myself out of action for a period of time here. But yes I'm back I believe.

Thanks for checking in and the comments, much appreciated as always.

11:50 PM  

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