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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Gary McKinnon case

I've been flicking through the news the last few days and I wanted to write about the Gary McKinnon case. This is the guy who some time ago hacked into some computers in the US looking for UFO and free energy info, and faces massive ridiculous and utterly inappropriate prison time for this if extradited.

I know some people won't like me saying it, but this is simply not a serious crime. And certainly he should not be extradited to face massive sentences.

I'm sure there's lot of kids who do this with no real malicious intent. McKinnon just got sloppy and didn't care anymore about being caught and the US presumably wanted to make an example of someone.

Labour MP Andrew MacKinlay has actually resigned, after his feeble vile backbench colleagues "fell in behind the Government, and failed to vote to block Mr McKinnon's extradition during a recent debate in parliament".

It goes without saying, on this case, good on Andrew MacKinlay.

And we've witnessed this kind of filth repeated from these people again and again on a number of issues of course.

Gary McKinnon's appeal against extradition is being assessed by The High Court this week.



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