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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

ID Cards and Byers

ID cards majority decreasing

So the spineless Labour MPs didn't disappoint the trend and kept to their ways, but gave Bliar a weaker than expected majority of 31. A nod in the right direction but no surprise, and I can't even begin to imagine all the back-room dealing and wriggling that went into ensuring that outcome. I don't like a system where it is hardly a secret that there are many more Labour MPs against the ID Card scheme than actually voted that way. Something is really really wrong there. No wonder then people have very little interest in politics, when all they get out of it is the usual dose of feeble compliance and ideological tampering for political reasons.

The lecturing, dogmatic bullshit that comes out of New Labour is utterly offensive. Their ongoing "War on Humanity" that attempts to reduce the population to compliant lobotomized call center fodder is rather annoying, unfortunately as people are so weak of mind and spirit these days it is a real danger.

Also today, disgraced ex-Minister Steven Byer's head is on the block for enormous alledged government fraud implications over RailTrack. Of course this kind of thing is perfectly acceptable if you are part of Bliar's government and a true believer (worm) like Byers.

I wonder if ID cards would have stopped him.

Byers is famous of course, for presiding over a culture at the Transport department that believed 9/11 was a "Good day to bury bad news"

So no surprises there either.


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