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Saturday, November 26, 2005

The ID Slave World part 2: Hyper Dominion

Brave New World
There are so many aspects to pull to pieces with the ID slavery plot that often it is difficult to know what to choose, but a couple of nights ago I realised that there are a few massive concepts about all this that haven't really even been touched upon:

  • the absolute enormity of this entire scheme
  • the unending and infinite grip it would put you in
  • the new state of existence that would result
  • the totally new universe it automatically creates

We'll start off by going over some other issues first surrounding this as we build up to this colossal new world pandemonium.

The peripheral debate: cost

The government want you to be obsessed about the cost of what they call 'ID cards', lest the shame of what they are actually engineering becomes apparent. Now having said that I have no doubt, whatever cost is being cited today, will grotesquely explode if the rolling out this monumental new way of life were actually allowed to unfold.

They don't want you to be talking about that for obvious reasons, and you get the impression they want you to be chewing on the price as if it is the only grounds to be appalled by this plan.

Cost largely serves as a diversionary debate, one which has been left to fester in the public domain, suiting the government both as exit-strategy and more importantly, by obscuring the new level of subjugation and a totally new condition of being that would result if the plot were allowed to be deployed.

ID Cards: The wrong name

Brave New World

"...shall we have an ID card ? Does the UK need an ID card ?, What do polls say about ID cards ?"

'ID cards' is the fraudulent name given to the pivotal and entire human/data-thralldom strategy and for a new existence by New Labour, who permanently live in a state of denial about what they are doing. The press are, not surprisingly, generally too moronic to look beyond, or reject the 'ID cards' misnomer. Similarly, they are too stupid to question the modern world lie that has been spoon-fed to them by goverment press releases (often which pertain to politically interesting misdemeanors) to see the unipolar biometric slave-grid actuality that New Labour want to insert you into.

One wonders that, at best, this bill and their wider strategy is delinquent 'blue-sky' thinking, written down while still at the blue-sky stage, at worst it is a deliberate attempt to entirely rewrite society from the top down, by sociopathic criminal elements, who hope no one will notice if they keep calling it by the wrong name.

To try to deliberately and conciously herd an entire population into this slave-vortex, then to knowningly try and pass the whole thing off as a debate about 'ID cards', to blame the EU, to point the finger at the US is a deliberately manufactured set of lies.

It would be cute to just assume we are watching gray-haired old men attach themselves to some 'modern' buzzword like biometrics, or old always-rejected ones like 'id cards' as a kind of political viagra, re, the warwhore-on-terror. Unfortunately the calculation of this plan is so vast in its malevolence and scope, the new set of circumstances and environment it would produce so enormous, that observation can be safely disregarded. Whatever strings are pulled, or ear New Labour is listening to either within the civil service or with various think-tanks or from the security-industrial-complex, the buck stops with those actually creating and voting for this nightmare.

What do you call an entirely new, untested serfdom with boundless, global omnipresent governance in your life, with no precedent and no restraint whatsoever, that if implimented and played along with, would mean the muffled end of life as we know it ?

Hyper-Dominion: The new way of being

slave vortex
A precedent for this plan doesn't even exist; this is more than a reshaping of liberty and privacy, and freedom from interference and personal-espionage from government.

If enacted, this would mean an entirely new state of being in the UK; rewriting the full premise and structure of society, to which even that would be but a tiny beginning, as the governmental permutations are endless, and if, like flies round dog mess, a lot of big private business starts taking an unhealthy interest, which some have said they would do.

If RFID comes into this then we are talking several orders of magnitude above that.

"Under Secretary of State Andy Burnham, dictates that it will need to use ICAO standard RFID contactless reader technology, while use of chip and PIN would allow it to be compatible with banking and retail systems." Register

When you consider the totality of concepts that New Labour masturbate themselves over which include wide data sharing, data convergence and sharing of different goverment departments within the ID database and human authorization collections gleaned from public and private services, other initiatives like medical record uploading, arbitrary public DNA stockpiling, absurd terror laws, data retention directives and so on, then you need to realise this government is laying the foundations for the current world to be removed and replaced by something else.

The dystopia being set out isn't defined by the card, or even the database, or the biometrics in isolation, but their combination in addition to the legislation which wraps them up. This would amount to a total remolding of life as we know it into something entirely different. So different, I honestly don't think we can even guess many of the implications, because the situation it creates is literally limitless.

This can best be described as creating the strategic framework for boundless, unending governance, in every direction, where everyone is a biometric detainee, the totality of their day-to-day living, a new 'thing' to both possess and occupy.

Additionally, this hyper-governance will begin with a coalition of your elected politicians, their cronies and massive multinational corporations who will be dispensing this pre-emptive, non-linear, shapeless, morphing mega-state, dipping into, disseminating, analyzing and retaining your life while configuring, adding to it and endlessly reshaping it themselves from all angles.

Already it becomes clear then, that cursory ideas about the "change between individual and state" can be dismissed as both a mammoth misunderstanding, and catastrophic trivialization when this gratuitous and wanton redefinition, reinvention and disfigurement of life, with infinite potential for new forms of governance, locked, as you would be as a captive to that, into the structure of the biometric slave grid, are understood.

The condition of this full-time, unending ever-expanding exploitation and suppression can only be summarized as a state of Hyper-Dominion, a new reality of absolute subjugation and ownership, infinite, with no boundaries that has simply never existed on the planet before. This would be a never-ending, always expanding mass-directional ultra-dominance of both person and the entire fabric of what was society.

What struck me like a brick the other night when thinking about this, was that this plan is so enormous in it's scope, the machinery of it's implimentation so vast, it's remit so sweeping, that whatever the horrendous intention of it, one would also be automatically creating an entire new axis, a kind of new platform that has simply never existed before.

Big Bang of governance, and the hyper-data-slavery-grid

The more I thought about this, the more I realized that on top of everything else including this new domination, the ID serf-matrix system would be destined to create a kind of totally uncontrollable and unstoppable big-bang event that will form a new universe of its own possibilities and results, a borderless canvas, that has no limit whatsoever. Trying to get one's mind round this is difficult, because, as we know, there is no precedent to refer, but what is not being considered is, once released, this big-bang is unlimitedly destined to create a new amoral cosmos with an uncontrollable evolution and velocity all of it's own.

Any so called 'safegaurds' in the bill would about as effective at curtailing this big bang, as a shopping list on a piece of paper is, for controlling the internet.

Indeed, what this means is beyond Orwellian, this is the reckless, selfish and calculated destruction of reality into a limitless, freefall mega-tsunami of authority and industry with no comparison that will forever shape, rule, record and surmise your life, as well as ever expanding as it voraciously finds new ways to fill the void that was once due process, seperation, privacy, value, liberty, truth, reality and the human condition.

Yet there will be no painless, easy means of opting out of this maelstrom, where society will be wired for this 'thing' that government will call your 'identity'. In effect, if you play along with this scheme, you will be a captive of any flavor of government, no matter how malevolent, or illegitimate in a way that there is simply no precedent for.

In fact you won't even be able to leave unmolested because New Labour have tried to glue the ID card ball and chain directly into acquiring a passport, whereby you cannot have one without the ID card. Furthermore, if they get their way, your UK ID card and biometric passport will be not only for Britain but electronically 'valid' across the world (something IBM, and the UK via the EU (then blaming the EU) are calling for too).

By definition then, global biometric standards in addition to this explosion in technological biometric hyper-governance mean your tag/identity/thing will be subject to global authority as well, whereby your slavery can be trafficked out abroad, and foreign politicians and bureaucracies will automatically constitute a new ruling class to preside over, and supervise what will be called your 'identity'. Something New Labour have been totally casual about,

"The Government last week confirmed that the UK's planned ID card is intended to operate as a 'passport lite' that could be used for travel within the European Union. [...] The UK's call for common standards to "ensure that data stored on Identity Cards is appropriately protected but can be read by other Member States" Register


"EU could share ID databases

CONFIDENTIAL personal information about British citizens could be shared with governments and police across Europe under proposals put forward by Brussels yesterday.

In a strategy paper to combat terrorism and serious crime that is likely to be strongly opposed by civil liberties groups, the European Commission challenged governments to set up pan-European databases to collect and share information. "

The Hyper Dominion reality

The end
The scheme would amount to a massive industrialized civil supression and wanton fathomless exploitation, securing unprecidented, unbounded and infinite dominion via the systematic infiltration of the British public for eternity.

It amounts to kind of technological, infinite violent conquering of the populace, enthused we are to guess, from an unofficial haze of various interest groups including the New Labour elite, the security-industrial-complex, rogue elements within the civil service and massive multinationals who want to exploit this to the full.

Additionally, in doing so, it would create an exploding new infinite universe of anything and everything that is simply mind-boggling and cannot easily be speculated.

The peripheral debate about cost is an insult to be ignored, when the actuality of this hasn't even started to be fully recognized yet. Similarly, they want you to be fixated on the plastic worthless card bit as if that were the totallity of what they are proposing. But that is another falsehood, which can be added to what most regard as the already bulging database of New Labour's mendacity.

Obviously, this becomes far more than resisting an ID card, this is about defying a massively hazzardous, totally unpredictable, infinite new world, the raw matter for which is being consructed into a bomb, with intention to be detonated on the entire population.

New LabourIt has been well recognized by political pundits that 'ID cards' have always been a solution looking for a problem, but again it's worth restating, with this scheme we are not dealing with ID cards. We are dealing the entire restructuring and redefinition of society and the massive unending explosion of domestic, international and multinational-corporate governance, the hyper-domininon condition that will ensue, and indeed the massive criminal exploitation opportunities it will also create.

This plot is about the premeditated industrialized meltdown of real identity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh don't fret yourself so much over this. Jesus Christ told us this would happen 2000 years ago, and it will. Revelation Chapter 13.

But don't worry, be happy. He's coming back and it won't last. Those who belong to Him will NOT consent to it. By the sound of your blog it doesn't look like you're one of those. Maybe you should read the Bible and learn about the COUNTER-PLAN.


8:26 AM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Hello anon, well it's a kind of visualisation piece this posting, but look I hear you.

I hope you are right, and this madness is brought to an end. No I won't be consenting to this. I can't in fact, it would impossible for me to as it represents a total distortion of reality and what I believe in.

I'm not particularly religious in that sense but I did start reading some Bible again recently.

thanks for the post, much appreciated

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Vulcan said...

Good writing. and i agree with the Bible Reader (Anonymous). If you want to start reading the Bible J. , I recommend starting with Romans, unless you are Jewish, then i recommend Hebrews. People Like you 2, are the only reason I still have Hope for Mankind. Thats not to exclude my Hope/Trust in God. Ever since i read about the "Mark", in 98, I wondered how they could possibly get anyone behind it. then comes terrorism (Boogey Man), and identity theft,Kidnapping, etc. Which is exploited by the NEWS to scare us. How many stories have you heard about identity theft and children being kidnapped. btw I'm speaking of American News. Well anyway my train of thought left me at the station, so i guess im done. God Bless, and Fight the Good Fight.

7:22 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Thanks for the comments and info Vulcan, much appreciated, I will be sure to read those books of the Bible.

The world has been warped and dragged into something very distorted and very dangerous and it needs unwarping urgently. Fraudulent choices have been offered by debased politicians as to what kind of hell do you want to live in, and as you say the news has been fed story after story to set the mood for this kind of stuff.

In Blair's case his dangerous disposition and intent was a running joke even before he became PM.

I have great hope too though, and one way or another, this nightmare will be brought to an end.

Big thanks again, God Bless, and you keeep up the Good Fight

12:49 AM  

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