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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Afghanistan 'falling into Taliban hands'

Scotsman: "AFGHANISTAN is "falling back into the hands of the Taliban" and British troops are fighting in a lawless land, a new report said today.

The report, Afghanistan Five Years Later: The Return of the Taliban, said the British and United States-led international coalition in Afghanistan has "failed to achieve stability and security".

The Taliban is becoming increasing popular due to the West's failure to tackle Afghans' "extreme poverty", according to the study for the Senlis Council think-tank.

All of southern Afghanistan, where British troops are concentrated in the lawless Helmand province, is now under "limited or no central government control", the report claims. The Senlis Council blames military priorities and "flawed" poppy eradication policies for Afghanistan's plight.

The report states: "The Taliban is back and has strong psychological and de facto military control over half of Afghanistan. The international community has failed to achieve stability and security in Afghanistan"

Was that the idea though ? Of course, another thing you have to consider, the FBI recently restated there is no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11, so what evidence did Tony Blair have in his Afghanistan dossier that he decided to concoct on behalf of the US neocon regime ? On reflection very little.


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