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Friday, August 11, 2006

Terror plot may aid Rep' Political Strategy


"The unraveling of a terrorist plot in London may bolster the Republican political strategy of presenting their party as best equipped to confront a dangerous world if the issue persists for the next three months.

The arrests of 24 suspected terrorists in London are "a stark reminder that this is a nation at war," President George W. Bush said yesterday in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where a planned talk about the economy was overtaken by the incident.

Bush's biggest political liabilities are Iraq and rising gasoline prices, and public dissatisfaction with the president is threatening to drag down his Republican Party in the November congressional elections, polls show. The Republican political strategy has been to link the Iraq war with the battle against terrorism and to portray Democrats as weak on both counts.

The foiled British plot may help Republicans, said Joe Gaylord, former executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

National security "is our one remaining strength," Gaylord said. "Every time you have one of these incidents it forces back up into everyone's minds everything from 9/11"

James Lucier, senior political analyst at Prudential Equity Group in Washington, said the effects may not last until voters go to the polls on Nov. 7.

"Is this particular incident going to help Republicans for more than a couple of days?" Lucier asked. "Perhaps not"

The announcement of the U.K. arrests came a day after White House and Republican officials undertook a coordinated effort to portray Democrats as being weak on national security following the defeat of Senator Joseph Lieberman in a Democratic primary in Connecticut. Among congressional Democrats, Lieberman has been the most vocal defender of the war in Iraq and its link to the battle against terrorism.

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said that Bush and other U.S. officials had been extensively briefed on the U.K. terrorism investigation since at least the weekend. He denied that the remarks about the Connecticut primary were made with the pending British announcement in mind"


Blogger Richard said...

"MAY" aid them? What's that saying they have in the US? A slam-dunk?

The coincidences continue to continue, ad infinitum, eh? I wonder how come nobody ever gets accused of being a coincidence theory nutter?

4:42 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

No doubt something very fishy about this. Sad thing is I was thinking (and I'm sure along with many others) recently that it's about that time again to roll out another terror scare...

5:34 PM  

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