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Monday, September 25, 2006

Capitol Hill Blue: The terrorist who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Doug Thompson (CHB):

"In George W. Bush's perverted, pathetic, partisan view of the world, anyone who disagrees with his lunacies is not only wrong but unpatriotic - a traitor who cannot be trusted and a voice of dissent that must be silenced.

In recent weeks, a growing number of Republicans have joined the loyal opposition, telling the President, mostly in private, he is dead wrong to wage his illegal invasion of Iraq while refusing to appear with him in public because they are scared shitless that his escalating unpopularity will rub off and end their miserable careers in elected office.

Now Bush has a new set of "enemies," ones that are neither partisan nor political in their assessment of his failures but provide a sobering look at just what a miserable failure his Presidency has become and verifies what many have known for months - that the actions of this madman has placed this country in harm's way more than any acts of terrorism that have been waged on our shores or elsewhere in the world..."

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