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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Festering New Labour regime continues to devour UK and attack population

Charles Falconer
Yesterday, the Daily Mail reported that:

"A vast database containing a file on every man, woman and child is being planned by the Government in a 'sinister' expansion of the 'Big Brother' state.

Personal information containing details of every aspect of an individual's life will be available to 400,000 Whitehall civil servants and council workers.

Lord Falconer has ordered privacy laws to be watered down to allow the plans to be forced through.

The plans would allow anyone working for a public body to monitor everything from an individual's driving licence record to whether they had paid their council tax on time. "

Who is this installed noxious toad Falconer to be 'ordering privacy laws to be watered down ?' You would tend to think, as useless as they have proved themselves in other ways, what feeble laws are there, are there for good reason.

"Critics warned that allowing sensitive financial information to be viewed by all public bodies would leave it wide open to identity fraud. And pensioners who take stands against soaring council tax bills by refusing to pay could have their rights to pension credit withdrawn"

One reason the UK is so vulnerable to this sort of crap, is that opponents of tyranny are not capable of arguing against it thanks to the crippling poisonous socialism that New Labour and its instruments of torture like the BBC have so corrupted political thought with.

People have been so bludgeoned into being terrified plebs by the regime, they can no longer argue in a principled way as human beings, but feebly; only against the trivial practicalities of tyranny as stupified slaves which is of course worse than pathetic and useless.

It seems perfectly obvious that people's lives should not be under this intolerable burden. Scrutiny in this joined-up way can only be described for what it is: dehumanizing, degrading and grotesque. It is also monstrously dangerous to be transforming people's existence from appropriate and distinct compartments under their control into a big stew for a unified state to dip into and feast on that is seizing/claiming control. It is devaluing people's lives into a sludge and is representative of the genuinely alarming contempt from this government towards people themselves. It is insulting, debased, abnormal and it shouldn't be happening.

It also means the radical politicization and debasement of the civil services under the regime, mutating goverment and council workers into a sinister and unwanted monstronisty.

The seperation of information has naturally stood people in extremely good stead, and provided something of a desirable and healthy check and balance on the state. That Falconer implies that something is broken here when it isn't, should, for the umpteenth time, be a cause for genuine concern about the judgement and goals of this government.

There probably are some real, although highly subordinate to the principle, practical arguments as well. It would seem likely to me, such databases will dramatically increase the risks of suicides, as vulnerable people realise they are being continually assessed (the quality and 'contribution' of their life rated) across the range of government services for merely living their lives. It also will increase the rate of people just leaving the country in horror, as a BBC poll showed many are doing or strongly thinking of because 'they don't like what the country had become'.

Additionally, it will contribute to a breakdown in the already-strained legitimacy of the state itself as people rightly reject this nightmare scenario being wrongly inflicted upon them, and correctly become ever more contemptuous, mistrustful and intolerant of government (run amok).

Furthermore, if you think about it from the government's point of view, hell bent on crushing and humiliating the population, there is simply no case for not including tax and medical records either, (the Daily Mail says those won't be included). Of course that will happen anyway too if this government is allowed to practice its vile sorcery for much longer, and the ID slave grid will form the platform by stealth for linking tax and medical records into this database and any other, so all encompassing files will exist on everyone.

The principal trend in the Blair/Brown regime is to reclaim people as cattle, as pets or as fish in a bowl and hope that will be tolerated, if not quite dotingly accepted, under dollops of worthless dangerous bullshit, despite the fact that this directive is incorrect, abnormal and needs to end.

You can also bank on the fact that all of these disgusting projects will just breed more of these digusting projects in an attempt to justify their existence. So you will have exploitative humiliating project heaped upon exploitative humiliating project, all struggling to bolster and explain each other in Labour's 'The Modern World".

Naturally, this particular crackpot scheme will forever and strongly contribute to the boundless and unlimited mutilation of the delicate relationship between individual and state in the UK, already in dire trouble, of which Blair, Brown and Falconer are permanently obsessed with making worse.

"Data-sharing powers would also allow the electoral roll to be used to police the ID card database - allowing residents to be fined up to £2,500 for not registering their name or address"

Well I won't be registering anything. Sorry,

What's more, appalled citizens who the state serve, have a responsibility to put their foot down when the state becomes this malignant.

The question civil servants, various council workers, the police, security services and military have to ask themselves is should we really be listening to a faction that Clare Short recently described as a coup ? That former Foreign Office officials are openly saying is putting the country in danger, and that the Telegraph describe as 'Nazis' ? (although it's a tough one to choose, I think the better analogy is communists).

Are these people going to take orders like pitiful shamed automatons to hurt the population on behest of a truly wretched criminal government that instead of confronting it's own abnormalities becomes sicker and more perverted by the day, and is permitted to do so by a largely worthless collection of coward backbenchers who are more concerned with masturbating over a pre-soiled gargoyle like Gordon Brown than doing their job ?

New Labour has proved itself to be a vicious and deep coup. Headed by a genocidal lunatic in the form of Blair, administered by a range of disgusting installed cronies like Falconer, and paid for by the corporate purse of Levy, it has made its entire purpose in government an attack on the country itself. It represents, by all authoritative accounts, a significant and ongoing hazard to everybody and its only accomplishment in office is the deployment of unprecedented misery.

It is government that represents torture, house arrest, state executions and actively seeks to propagate utterly baseless, illegal wars of aggression, while seeking not to ensure the freedom of the people who mistakenly elected it, but to attack them, to hurt them and enslave them with a maniacal radical fervor at every possible opportunity in a perpetual top-down revolution against the country itself.

The general public, would be well advised to strongly adopt a broad campaign of disassociation from this disgusting database. Let it fester as a waste of time and public money pissed down the toilet. When the government try to act on it, disown it and refuse to acknowledge it's legitimacy as your previously private information (remember there must have been some very good reasons for it being so) is being used and shared in a way you find fundementally vile. Furthermore it is being used by a murderous, torturing, enslaving government that keeps proving time and time and time again that it is so detatched from all reality that to agree to its demands and emboldening it more is now puting the country you live in, in danger, as well as sactioning its attrocities across the world.


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