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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

UK ordered to publicize Iraq War files

Press TV: "The British government has been ordered to publish records of crucial cabinet meetings from 2003, held over the legality of invading Iraq. "This is an exceptional case," reads the Tuesday verdict of the UK's Information Tribunal -- which decides on requests for documents under freedom of information laws.

According to the decision, it is in the public interest to release minutes of the cabinet meetings from March 13 and 17, 2003, when ministers held talks about whether the decision to go to war was allowed under international law"

Clare Short quoted in The Scotsman feels this won't reveal a whole lot:

"I think people will be disappointed about how little the minutes will say. "For example, they never attribute different points to different people. They are always in very generalised terms."

Ms Short said there was "very little proper discussion", adding: "Cabinet meetings were limited and the minutes are very generalised and limited." Asked why the government did not want the public to see the minutes, she said: "One, it will be revealed what a weak instrument the Cabinet was."

While the Daily Mail (although not on their website, print edition only) says:

"If released, the papers will shed new light on the then Chancellor Mr Brown's role in the build-up to military action. It is thought he was originally sceptical ahout the war, but in his diary the late Foreign Secretary and leader of the Commons Robin Cook claimed that Mr Brown delivered 'a long and passionate statement of support' of then Prime Minister Tony Blair's strategy at a Cabinet meeting in the days before the war"

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