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Monday, April 27, 2009

Sex education for five-year-olds to be made compulsory in schools

Guardian: "The government has announced plans to make sex education compulsory for pupils aged five to 11, dividing faith groups and safer sex campaigners. Under the plans all secondary schools will have to teach teenagers about contraception, safer sex and relationships, but faith schools will also be free to preach against sex outside of marriage and condom"

Ok. Sorry for the latest lull. And I don't think we've gone mad here as one commenter asked. Very very very occasionally we may take a light diversion from some of the very serious, very ugly and nasty issues that nobody really wants to talk about.

And there's a book we are going to be talking about on here at some point, an extremely controversial book and it has a wealth of interesting other little pieces of information in it. And one of the things that caught my eye, and I wish I had made some better notes, was that there was some initiative rather similar to what the Labour government are trying to do here under the pre-Stalin Soviet Union as well.

I've just spent a while raking through pages and pages and unfortunately I just can't find the specific quote I'm looking for. There are some strong hints about this here though.

But the quote I was looking for was particularly chilling in what it said about children, and I'm just so annoyed I can't find it right now but will update the article if I find it.

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