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Monday, March 23, 2009

BBC and sickening barbarity towards fish

I just saw a glimpse of something on one of the BBC channels that appeared to be about eating fish in Japan.

And I have to say I was absolutely disgusted at this program for depicting the cruel and awful treatment of the poisonous Fugu fish by a Japanese restaurant or factory or something. It was just hideous cruelty.

I do love fish as food, I think fish are a wonderful food.

However I also know that fish are wonderful animals, not some numb stupid lump of prehistoric flesh.

I really do hope that in the western countries, and as you may guess I'm writing this totally off the top of my head, that there are laws that apply to the treatment of fish for food that are humane. I take it there are laws, and I haven't looked at this subject at all so I just don't know, but one would assume there are laws in place about the cruel and degrading treatment of animals that are used for food like cows and pigs and how they are killed. And I certainly hope that applies to fish.

Skinning a fish, cutting its mouth off and taking its eyes out while alive I would describe as sickening barbarism.

And frankly the BBC, I think it was the BBC should consider their quirky voyeurism of this; those executives, directors and producers, along with those Japanese restaurant or factory staff ask themselves if you think it is a big funny joke, imagine the same was happening to your dog or cat.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check these out if you want to get a real...TASTE of live food!

I wouldnt eat it, but I will fight to preserve the rights of those people to eat what they want.

If we stop them from eating what they want, then the eco-facists will stop us from eating what WE want. No matter how distasteful those (or any) practices are to us, we have to defend freedom in general if we are not to all become slaves.

You should all know this lesson by now.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous jultra said...

Hi Anon, I don't know what you're linking to, and if it's something been gutted alive I'm going to leave it if that's ok.

Now I understand totally what you are saying. Firstly I've always been extremely skeptical about some wings of the animal rights movement, and without and question there is a lot of very spooky nasty communism masquerading as environmentalism.

I was frankly against the extraordinary effort to attack fox hunting, really for the reasons you have laid out. It was obviously included a massive component of an attack on country side and a kind of piece of typical Labour class warfare.

Similarly on other issues, I'm very skeptical about global warming, at least what it is, and I'm still reading Nigel Lawson's rather tepid rendering about that.

So I'm most certainly not an eco-commie or something and not at all coming from a position of that, and I'm certainly not encouraging a culture that animals should not eaten at all.

I just think that there are ways of treating animals that should be reasonable and humane. And what I saw glimpsed last night was anything but. It was just simply horrific and there's just no other words to describe it.

I very much do hear what you are saying though and thanks for posting.

8:14 PM  

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