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Monday, May 10, 2010

Hung Parliament/Gordon Brown etc

I just saw on BBC News, Gordon Brown has made this statement offering a time table for his standing down, in reality to provide a more inviting proposition for the Liberal Democrats, so that Labour can enter more meaty negotiations with the Liberals.

I'd just like to say this is outrageous. This is dangerous and indulgent nonsense by the Labour Party.

The General Election result, this hung parliament, can not, by any description, be interpreted as a vote for a 'coalition of progressives'' or 'rainbow coalition'.

That's just simply not what was voted for. This is completely illegitimate nonsense.

It is the height of shocking and juvenile opportunism to try to skew this, by interpreting a 'parliamentary democracy' as a green light, described as 'game on' by the SNP for pushing for this insane club, that actually seeks to exclude the party that won the most seats and got the biggest vote. I mean it's just nuts.

(And it's hardly a sign of the integrity of those now supposedely calling for 'more representative, more democratic voting reform'.)

No one voted for another go, another sickly manifestation, just one more time, just once more, of the Labour Party. This time with a rag bag of crappy vaguely-'leftist' novelty parties propping them up who for some childish bizarre reason have some pathological tribe revulsion to the Conservatives.

This isn't a 'mature' democracy. It's a disgrace to democracy. And it needs to stop.

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