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Thursday, August 27, 2009

US: HR 2749: Controlling the global food supply

This kind of ties in to a topic we were talking about recently. A pretty serious piece of legislation has passed the House of Representatives in America which is HR 2749, which, as I understand it from what I've read, amongst a host of other thing mandates that anyone producing food has to register with the FDA and pay a fee to do so.

I really don't how this sort of legislation even gets on the table in America, if politicians actually care about their country. This legislation obviously suits big corporations working hand in glove with government.

So much for Obama's 'change', it's just more of the same of course, under a leftist slant, and sadly it is possible, that the Obama administration could represent to the U.S what the UK went through in 1997. And I just saw the other day John Pilger laying into Obama.

The food thing, seems to be part of a wider agenda to create a centralised government control over the food supply, and an implementation of this mysterious global doctrine called Codex Alimenatarious for mandating food 'standards', that has a lot of extremely serious implications.

I mean all this stuff is horror film bullshit, and it's going on across the world under the nonsense of 'health' and 'consumer protection' and so on, but of course it's trying to take the world backwards through the backdoor.

And nobody should be prepared to tolerate a situation where people are dictated what kinds of foods they can and can't eat.

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