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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blair relished wars as 'blooding' rite

Blair's ex spin doctor tells of Blair's gleeful, joyous mood on his wars

Under civil service rules, Mr Price had to submit his manuscript to the Government for clearance. He was then asked to make cuts. The newspaper claimed one of those cuts was an account of Mr Blair's mood when he sent British bombers on joint raids with the US over Iraq in 1998.

"I couldn't help but feeling that TB was relishing his first blooding as PM, sending the boys into action. Despite all the necessary stuff about taking action 'with a heavy heart', I think he feels it is part of his coming of age as a leader," read Mr Price's original. The censored account read: "I couldn't help feeling that TB had mixed emotions about sending the boys into action. He said he did it with a 'heavy heart', but at the same time he must have known it would happen sometime and maybe it's part of his coming of age as a leader."

He also sheds light on the close relationship between Mr Blair and media proprietor Rupert Murdoch.

The newspaper says he wrote: "Apparently we've promised News International we won't make any changes to our Europe policy without talking to them," and that the censors came back with this wording: "Apparently, News International are under the impression we won't make any changes without asking them."

This tells us what we already knew of course, sick corrupt rotten UK traitor Blair gets off on this stuff. Do we need to go any further ? What more do you need to know ?


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