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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Charles Clarke: sick liar and UK traitor

After admitting earlier this week that ID Cards were a tool to' control society', the Guardian reports that soft fatty Charles Clarke told MEPs to put aside civil liberties considerations and back a British plan for Europe-wide retention of internet and mobile phone data to track terrorists.

Clarke, the thought of you and your corrupt treacherous master masturbating yourselves over MY internet activities is truly horrific and sickening beyond belief.

What's this 'British' all about ? Who's interests are you representing ? Not me. Not any one I know. The pandering brain-dead Murdoch-reading idiots perhaps ? Or multinational corporations ? What a surprise.

Now from what I can gather via other sources on this topic, this seems to be an attempt to use Europe as a means of implementing this via bypassing British Parliament and any objections at home, and then it's forced adoption and failiure can also be conveniently blamed on Europe if need be.

And that about sums up the extent of this utter evil that's going on; a UK goverment no longer serving a nation but dancing to the most malignant components of globalism. The page is a good analysis and also covers Clarke's sickening quotes about "worldwide biometric standards"; in effect global ID cards.

European wide ? Clarke, you are an embarrassment to the UK like Blunkett before you, and a coward and a traitor like Blair.


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