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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

ID Cards are about controlling society

Here's a good one from a couple of days ago:

‘ID cards are about controlling society’

But you are too soft Mr. Clarke. You lack the political will to make Bliar's legacy of unrepentant tyrannical Globalism complete.

Why bother anymore ? Does anyone listen or care to what this rotten corrupt government has to say ?

I don't think so. You will never control those who believe in freedom Clarke. Never. Give up now. Mr Bliar is not going to go out on some golden wave of wonder. It is an impossible task, it just isn't going to happen. He may as well just quit and join the Carlyle Group right now. Why prolong the agony ?

It's very difficult to accept the executive of goverment is completely evil and corrupt and doesn't serve the interests of the country who elected it (well I didn't elect it of course but others did).

Such evil would have been almost unthinkable about ten years ago but that is the reality now in the United Kingdom. A rotting, corrupt carcass is in charge. And that's bad. It's there, exposed in all of it's decrepit glory like a gibbet swinging in the wind. It doesn't even bother to hide itself anymore. And it stinks really bad.


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