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Monday, October 31, 2005

Blair damage undeniable & ID cards crumbling

"THE fall-out from the Plame affair now engulfing Washington will extend to Britain. But there may be one significant difference in the way the two leaders, Bush and Blair, will be affected. Iraq has already severely damaged Tony Blair; his association with George W Bush and US foreign policy has already weakened him. Bush may still be expecting worse is to come. For Blair, Iraq and its fall-out has all but destroyed his legacy.

In Sept 2004, the United Nations, Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, publicly declared the Iraq war to be illegal. Annan was stating what many in the UK had come to accept as fact; that Blair’s government entered war knowing it was illegal...
" Sunday Herald

And we talked yesterday how Tony Blair needed vital pawns in the ID plot, but the Halloween horror continues for Blair as:

"Whitehall IT chiefs may be poised to pull the rug from under the UK's ID card scheme on the basis that the technology isn't ready for prime time, and the project too unfocussed to pass Whitehall risk assessments. According to a report in the Independent on Sunday, Government CIO Ian Watmore has told ministers that the complexity and scale of the plan means that it may have to be phased in, while William Heath of Kable cites senior Whitehall sources as being on the brink of blocking the project." Register


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