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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ian Blair the Captain Queeg of policing...

Ian Blair was the Captain Queeg of policing, twiddling with his marbles, blaming everything on circumstance, on lack on unaccountability to do his job. His subordinates were the ones in the wrong, not him and they fed him faulty information. It is their fault, not his. In some way they haven't scrubbed the decks properly.

In an emergency Blair, like Queeg, fails his duties spectacularly.

Someone has been tampering with that pint of strawberries and Ian Blair felt there was a conspiracy against him from the crew, but Blair like Queeg can only go on so long:

SIR IAN BLAIR, the Metropolitan police commissioner, has admitted he may soon be forced to resign over the shooting of an innocent Brazilian man on the London Underground.

Britain’s top policeman told a private gathering of business leaders and officials last week that he might have to go “fairly soon” over the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes.

Describing the pressure he faced over the botched operation, he said: “Where does resignation end? Of course, it might end fairly soon.”

He added: “I’d much rather resign than be pushed.”

Blair’s comments, made to the Windsor Leadership Trust, indicate his recognition that the pressure on him is building to a critical point. At the time of the shooting he considered resigning but ruled it out.

Senior police officers say the inquiry into the operation will reveal a “horror story” when it is completed before Christmas.One senior insider said: “He (Blair) has obviously been damaged. His own self-confidence has been damaged. You can see that he looks visibly older.”

Blair disclosed at the meeting that his personal role in the affair was now being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Blair tried to block an immediate IPCC inquiry into the shooting at Stockwell Tube station.


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