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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ian Blair: political corruption and insanity ?

Let us once again pick up one of our longtime favorites, Sir Ian "Order out of Chaos" Blair, the political police chief, crony, war-on-terror fanatical apostle, visible Captain Queeg, that stubborn stain who just won't seem to budge.

Ian Blair, a very sick manDespite the Times indicating he was on the edge, other sources claim the Times' quotes were out of context and he has no intention of leaving. And it's no surprise why. £225,000 of your money a year is plenty more important than being bothered with triffling issues like the abject presentation of fraudulent information to the public, covering up a state-sponsored execution, presiding over a smear campaign against the person your policies murdered while simultaneously trying to suspend accountability of your actions.

Well let's make a prediction: Blair will leave. As he deserves. Not because I say so, or the Times says so, but because the path Ian Blair and his masters are on is not sustainable.

Why ?

From everyone I have spoken to from the day of 7/7 when Ian Blair became a household name, all agreed that there was something altogether wrong with this guy, something wrong about him. The distinct impression he leaves is of someone not all there to be blunt; perhaps tragically sick, who somewhere along the line has snapped, but who, perhaps because of that 'quality' has managed to forge a sinister togetherness with some of the worst politcal debasement the UK has ever seen. Unsurprising this allows Blair to be both a powerful pawn and beneficiary of the New Labour strategies.

One blog summed the Met Chief up as:

"This man is a danger to society and should be dismissed imidiatly! And sent to an asylum for the terminally insane." eurealist

Another described Ian Blair's crackpot justifications for shooting arbitrarily as "English police = insane?" niklas

Yet another said "Long ago I lost all hope of anything of any intelligence passing Sir Ian Blair’s lips. Now, I fear, seriously, for his sanity." perfect

Whilst another said "he came out a block of flats and bore a very vague resmeblance to someone else and blair also said it is ok to kill the odd innocent if they kill the guilty too!?! (is blair insane - he's like the other blair trying to undrmine our system )" Chn4

But it gets worse than just how we see his state of mind. Blair was already known as the 'government's policeman', and reading between the lines, while his favour with the political elites is cause for concern enough, it equally describes the deep sociopathic problems Blair has long manifested in dealing with the public, the force and the real world:

"Catriona Marchant, editor of Jane's Police Review, said that although Sir Ian had a proven ability to woo politicians he still had work to do in winning over the public and his own officers." BBC

Bombshell news (not), Ian Blair has another job; as dangerous useful idiot for the New Labour regime. Whether or not exactly how this came to fruition will become fully exposed before or after Ian Blair could be thrown in the nut house, I don't know.

But of course this means Sir Ian (with Tony Blair's 'backing') is far more than just a damaged police chief who isn't in control. Along with Blair's perceived state-of-mind this makes him probably one of the most dangerous men, and one of the biggest threats in the UK. And I don't say that lightly. If it weren't for his blood-stained agenda and the gravity of his rot and his cronyism, his apparent desperation to cling on to the job that John Stevens snatched from his grasp once before, he may merely have remainded a curious oddball amongst the police and general public.

Even so, whether it is in the ID slavery plot, the DNA database for all arrests, 90 day internment, 'glorification or terror', shoot-to-kill extension (which Blair now denies is being extended to 'stalkers'), thought crime (PC garbage) placed round the necks of unquestioning constables, or the scandalous bloody murder of Jean Charles de Menezes, Ian Blair can always be found, rolling his eyes, eagerly pushing the shopping trolley of policies for New Labour who he enjoys an all-too-cosy relationship with.

When Tony Blair says "I must give the police what they want", he really means "I must give Ian Blair what I want because, after all Ian Blair works for us and that's what we want". The whole thing, is, once again, a massive circular deception, designed to ram through otherwise-indigestible, despotic dictatorial policy. It is fashioned to throw you off the scent, to give an impression of debate, but underneath, it would seem at least, there has been, for some time, an undisclosed arrangement between Sir Ian Blair and the New Labour regime.

Well, you know what ? It gets better (for us now), but perhaps we should take pity too. Ian Blair couldn't go (at least immediately) post-shooting because he remained vital to the New Labour plan and this tells us something massively important and uplifting:

There just aren't enough Ian Blairs within the police for New Labour to substitute him with. His characteristics and flaws made him absolutely essential in rubber-stamping crack-pot scheme after crack-pot scheme, bad policy after bad policy. With Ian Blair gone, and no similar abnormal replacement to be found, all of Tony Blair's 'law and order' policies are suddenly exposed for the rot they are and fall to pieces like a pack of cards.

Still, don't be concerned that it requires such shameless degenerates to pull it off. That should come as no surprise when considering the blood-stained reputations of those involved in the deception.

Ian Blair possibly thinks his reward for this obedient perversion comes in the form of 'ministerial backing' when, and despite, it is proved conclusively that he can't actually do his job. Of course he gets to hold onto that quarter-of-a-million pounds paycheck, but in reality he can't be allowed to go, otherwise the process of pushing more doomed police state policies like ID cards (which have a far wider scope than 'law and order' and 'identifying terrorists') will forever be out-of-reach of a fast-dwindling Tony Blair. Additionally, Ian Blair provides quite a good human-shield in this symbiotic relationship where a lot of the blood can splatter on him rather than directly on his political puppet masters.

Daily Mail journalist Melanie Philips summed it up well during the election campaign:

"Are we seeing double? For it appears that there isn’t just one Blair making Labour’s case in this general election campaign, but two.

On BBC TV’s Breakfast with Frost programme yesterday, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said that in the wake of last week’s conviction of Kamel Bourgass for trying to make poisons, there should be new measures to combat terrorism such as identity cards and a new legal offence of ‘acts preparatory to terrorism’.

This was an astonishing intervention. For the Labour party manifesto contains proposals for precisely such an offence and the re-introduction of the ID cards bill."

(Is it dawning on you how serious this is ? -j)

"At a time when the threat of terrorism requires the highest standards of professionalism, the police and security services are displaying unacceptable levels of incompetence — not least because they are increasingly politicised and paralysed by political correctness."

"Even before he assumed his current role, Sir Ian Blair was famous for putting the PC into policing. One of his first actions as Commissioner was to change the Met's logo partly because it was in joined-up handwriting and thus 'discriminated against short-sighted people'."

(Does this sound like a sane man to you ? -j)

Melanie Phillips went on:

"And barely had he got his feet under the table than he was peppering the newspapers with highly opinionated remarks — including the observation that the police, like ‘all organisations’, was ‘institutionally racist’.

For Sir Ian to enter the election arena is not only an abuse of his office. It also provides both police and politicians with the means to divert attention from the immigration and terrorism fiascos and from the urgent need to address professional incompetence which, in the fight against terror, is surely the weakest link of all."

It doesn't take much of a stretch to speculate that Ian Blair, like Tony may actually be praying for the next terror attack in the UK. With a new fog of war over everything he may try to resuscitate his carcass-like position, and attempt to 'redeem' himself. Then, he can set about trying unleash a new wave of devastating policy at the behest of his political masters.

Let us never forget, the Ian Blair murder/lies/cover up/shoot-to-kill horror was firmly endorsed by Tony Blair. This leaves people thinking that such public exterminations are to remain vital symbols required for this criminally insane plot to advance. But also, beneath that, which is monstrous enough, Ian Blair was still desperately needed by New Labour, no matter how stained he had become because there just aren't enough like him to pipe the poison through.

Now having said all that, we must remain confident that there will come a time where Jean Charles de Menezes no longer remains both a terrible trophy for these perverted sick killers and a test of their twisted cancerous pact. We can only hope that will happen sooner rather than later before more innocent people are slain and more of this corrupt depraved plan is enacted.

But it will happen.


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