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Friday, November 11, 2005

9/11: Physics expert says explosives

WTC being demolished 9/11Another academic, Steven E Jones, seems to follow in David Ray Griffin's and other's footsteps which endorses the widely held concern that the Twin Towers were actually brought down by explosives, in this case based on the sheer physics of the scenario.

"They're sticking with this one hypothesis. Its almost like they have blinders on – and its got to be fires and damage,” says Jones. Jones is a 20-year physics professor at BYU, who's penned an academic paper raising another hypothesis – explosives may have been pre-positioned in the buildings.

“Notice how it's straight down,” Jones says referring to the fall of one of the buildings. Especially intriguing to Jones was the destruction of 7 World Trade Center, damaged and ablaze from tower debris but never hit by a plane. (actually I believe debris hitting WTC7 is contested- WTC7 was demolished -j)

Jones said that models conducted in tests since 9/11 have not been able to duplicate what happened to the buildings. He is not saying this is a proven theory, but rather a hypothesis. He wants a fresh new independent investigation."

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