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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Political pawn Ian Blair crawls out again

This is getting really dull:


"The UK's most senior police chief (that would be this guy -j) said there was "chilling" evidence of new terrorist plots as he urged support for new powers to detain terror suspects. Metropolitan Police chief Sir Ian Blair said police should be able to hold suspects without charge for 90 days.

But the Tories, Lib Dems and some Labour MPs say 28 days' detention is the maximum they will accept.

"I do accept what we are putting forward is unknown in peacetime," he said.

"But I have never seen anything like what's happening at the moment. There are people out there in the UK plotting mass murder without warning.

But of course...it is a secret...

"He said he had thought hard about whether the police had entered a political debate.

But he said: "This is not in my view politics. This is our professional opinion."

But Ian Blair doesn't have a professional opinion, he has a tarnished one.

Sir Ian said 90 days was not a "magic" figure and four months might be better.

Good lord.

But Tory leader Michael Howard said: "The logic of what they are saying is that there shouldn't be any limit at all and that we should have quite unlimited detention without charge."

"Because the government is no longer trusted, they are all too keen to see the police take a lead in this debate.

"But any suggestion that they are being used as political pawns would only serve to undermine confidence in both the police and in the political process."