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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Blair hides behind terror, Murdoch assists

While Rupert Murdoch's pro-government, pro-punishment, pro-torture, pro-war, pro Bush/Cheney Fox news bullshit may be wearing thin in America, horrifically it may just be starting here:

"THE Sun today calls on its army of readers to back Prime Minister Tony Blair and DEMAND 90-day detention for terror suspects. The people’s (Murdoch's) will can force MPs to bring safety to Britain’s streets by backing the detention
of terror suspects for 60 days at
the very least — but preferably 90."

Why is 90 preferable ?

"Survey after survey shows the vast majority want the police to have the powers they need."

Sky News survey ?

"Extremists in our midst are plotting mass murder at this very moment on the scale of the 7/7 atrocity."

And ? Perhaps if Murdoch would stop encorouging them with your wars it may help

"They will strike without warning."

So can lightning. And ?

"They will kill and maim hundreds if they can. They will attack ruthlessly."

This is journalism for you, it doesn't get much worse than this in illustrating just why newspaper sales are in such serious decline.

"Yet MPs from all sides are queueing up to hand terrorists a victory they could only dream of. How will they examine their consciences in the aftermath of another bloody massacre?"

The Sun's earlier 'argument' was what if they were let out on the 29th day (assuming a 28 day detention) and went out and committed an attrocity ? Yet they didn't stop to think what if they went out on the 91st day and did that ? Or the 181st day ? It never ends.

"This is not a law for common or garden burglars, muggers and rapists whose crimes can be investigated in a straight-forward manner."

Murdoch, and his puppet political writers have sunk to new levels in their shameless cronyism with Blair, and it would actually be offensive it were not so funny. After all do you think Murdoch really doesn't want to see more terror attacks ? He loves them. He, like Tony Blair are desperate for them. They give them power.

Sorry to be such a snob for second, but I really genuinely pity those who actually keep supporting The Sun. It such a treacherous puss bag of a tabloid, it is multinational Murdoch using and manipulating the pathetic little thicko plebs who read it.

Most newspapers have problems in one way or another but the joke has to be on The Sun's readership and I think:

"During the buildup to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, all 175 Murdoch-owned newspapers worldwide editorialized in favour of the war. " Wikipedia

says quite a lot.

Blair has very cleverly muddled everything up into a big stew. Knowing he is in some political danger recently, he has once again attached himself to terrorism and hidden behind it, and not surprisingly with buddy Murdoch helping him.

His press conference yesterday was desperate and Blair looked very wobbly at times, but when you realise what is actually motivating it is so extraordinarily duplicitous and dangerous, it really shows what this prime minister is all about.

Furthermore, it is with regret that the police now firmly driven by corrupt (geo)politics in the UK are fast becoming something which could justifiably be percieved as an enemy of all right-thinking people. I think that is an extremely sad outcome myself.


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