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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

EU: the mini global government

"Tony Blair's frustration with critics at home and in Europe spilled into an astonishing display of finger-jabbing anger yesterday during a gruelling, two-hour session with the European Parliament. Time and again, the Prime Minister allowed his exasperation to show. As condemnation rained down from Left and Right on the European Union budget deal he secured last weekend, he said winning the budget had been a "thankless" task. When asked to explain why Britons had become more hostile to the EU since he took office eight years ago, he denounced the media for putting a "partial" view of Europe." Telegraph

Blair is getting more and more irrational and extreme because he can't deal with any real debate outside of fabricated one he constructs. His lies are starting to catch up with him and are testing his denial-psychosis.

And what other view of Europe is there ? No one hates European countries, but a lot of people, I would say most, have enormous and real anger toward this mini global government they have been prescribed, they have been vaguely told is in their interest, and which has been decided for them.

The way I interpret Blair, giving up the UK rebate in return for nothing, is about pouring more legitimacy, more investment into this monstrosity to pave the way for yet more subjugation within the EU for the future. Perhaps he was outwitted, but I tend to think this was deliberate.

They are also saying Blair did a good job of promoting Turkey for EU membership. But Turkey as a candidate amounts to creating a kind of stage-managed jingoism to help the EU; 'look Turkey bad, poor human rights etc', 'EU good' etc, to suddenly put people in the bizare position of defending the EU.

"Accused by a Conservative MEP of "treachery" for giving up billions of pounds from the budget rebate with no guarantee of reform, Mr Blair accused Right-wing critics of thinking it was still the Second World War."

Ironically it was just after that War, that Churchill called for a United States of Europe. Yeah, that's right Blair; nationalism is 'bad, xenophobic and old fashioned' zzzzzZZ. Global government is cool and will solve poverty, and everyone will be happy as a node worshiping massive multinational corporate government who will dispense their pre-emptive biometric slave grid for them. But because this slavery is non-discriminatory it is goooooood. Blair's response to that was very telling.

Blair talks about more money going to poorer European countries. That doesn't mean more money to poor people, that means more hand outs for multinational crony projects.

What people are watching with the EU is global government in action, its fast assertion to remake slavery in kind of new left-wing way, it's corruption, it's absolute lies. Why would anyone seriously want this ?

I don't want a left wing global/EU government. I don't want a right wing global/EU government. I don't want a global/EU government period. People can make different arguments about the various institutions of Europe, and probably not every little thing is bad, but, overall, what is being created with Europe is something that needs to be urgently put out of it's misery to put it bluntly.

You're looking at a corporatist, technocratic empire with a 'socialist' tinge, sold as something like a good cop to a hijacked-America's 'bad cop' where everyone is a slave and trapped in this sickly little pet project.

EU globalists

Europe is something you are being asked to go along with but that you really have zero say over (The European Parliament and it's MEPS largely, though not exclusively, seeming to be a peripheral, bought-off anti-Eurosceptic joke to give a veneer of democracy). Indeed, most all of the political instruments of Europe, including the head of the Commission, are unsurprisingly, pro-Euro-government federalists. Do you see a problem here with this idea now ?

Of course, so many keep saying Europe needs reform, um...but do you see any 'reform' happening ? That isn't even on the agenda. And by the time it is, reform won't mean an end to this direction, it will mean more of it. Moves toward reform mean moves toward establishling how the next false choice will be presented for more of the same.

And Blair is a certified traitor and liar, he doesn't serve the UK, he serves the doctrine of subjugating you in globalism. With the French and some others, one senses they are getting something out of this pot of garbage. With Blair, the strategy is altogether different, his 'modernist' intention always mysteriously manifests as a way to further weaken the UK and establish it as a province of this global government enterprise.

The EU feigns it's shock at CIA rendition, "oooh zis iz completely unacceptable, ve vill get to ze bottom of zis", but it is difficult to envision that the EU and it's member-state intel agencies are not part of that very programme. Blair doesn't want an inquiry into the CIA flights in the UK, because 'he has no evidence', but we all know the real reason.

Similarly, Blair and the EU are desperate for data retention, not for terrorism but as a kind of 6 months to 2 years worth of personal CCTV footage of your life on the internet (social control), simply because it is just too expensive to filter and monitor every packet of data on the fly, although things like Echelon (the multinational eavesdropping project where we get other governments to spy on own citizens and vice-versa) probably tries to anyway, albeit not always successfully it has been speculated.

And it gets worse:

EU satellite monitoring hate crime and gay marriage compliance"The European Union is building its own network of spy satellites, allowing Brussels to ensure nations and private individuals are obeying its policies. The multibillion-dollar system, known as Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, should be up and running by 2010 [...] a commission statement also acknowledged that GMES would play a key role in the "implementation, review and monitoring of EU policies," [...] In addition, officials hope GMES will support the European Union's first steps toward becoming a military power. It will "provide authorities with necessary elements for a European Security and Defense Policy," the commission said" Washington Times (16/11/2005)

The EU slave empire is being created by a handful of elites, you haven't really got a say, although it wants you to pay for your prison:

"Asked to rule out European taxes, raised centrally in Brussels, he would say only that Britain had never been in favour of the idea. "If you'll forgive me, I've got enough on my plate without arguing for Europe-wide taxes," he said." Telegraph

Blair cracking upOf course Blair loves this concept, but the UK is already paying a European tax to this mini global government, and Blair has just made it that you will pay more, it's just not officially called that. No doubt they intend for you to pay an 'official' one on top of that too to make the financing of your own data retention, global ID cards and spy satellites all the easier, something the Commission are all too enthusiastic for (the 'crisis of calculating budgets used as the justification')

Do you remember some years ago, how all this stuff was denied ? Now it is openly admitted.

Unfortunately for Blair and his masters, ultimately, this United States of Europe needs to go. There is nothing wrong with co-operation with other countries, and arguments can be made for trade blocs, but all of that is now historical.

The agenda is all about moving toward a tighter and more constrictive and more prescriptive political union; a top-down federal governance, a means of remotely managing and monitoring the masses with its own European defense strategy (those EU-wide taxes will come in handy there), the reassertion of serfdom and slavery (represented in 'left-wing' terms to fool the idiots) under a handful of elites and corporations and the final destruction of the vestiges of national sovereignty and identity. Eveything has already been decided upon ages ago. You are just asked to blindly accept it.

The astonishing thing is, it doesn't have to be this way. At the end of the day, these are all political choices and Blair appointed himself as the conduit and puppet of EU-globalist policy, so it's no wonder he is cracking up, the weight of his treachery and lies must be an enormous burden on him.


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