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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Proven liar Rice promotes world torture policy

Liar CondiDo you remember that puke-enducing, ghastly short PR piece the BBC did on Rice some years ago ? Sickening and sycophantic, Gavin Esler's voiceover was "Oh Condi, Condi, she is so clever, such an inspiration etc etc". It was stomach-churning garbage at the time, now it would be outright offensive.

And it is offensive and sick to hear Rice's pack of lies yesterday in response to the CIA secret 'rendition' flights scandal and her regime's policy of torture generally.

"Many of the imprisoned suspects "are effectively stateless," she maintained, "owing allegiance only to the extremist cause of transnational terrorism. Many are extremely dangerous." BBC?

And who has decided that ? Your torture cadres ? Cheney ? Rumsfeld? Sick little wimpy neocon shits like Dershowitz ? (one wonders how he would respond to torture)

"We consider the captured members of Al Qaeda and its allies to be unlawful combatants who may be held, in accordance with the law of war, to keep them from killing innocents," she said. "We must bring terrorists to justice wherever possible."

What is a terrorist ? Someone in a torture camp ? Someone who you have tortured ?

She talked about "people we believe are terrorists", again what does that mean ? You can 'believe' anyone is a terrorist, and Rice also talked about "discussing proper legal standards that should apply and that Bush is working with Congress"

Bush was working to try to legalize torture, we know that, also here is a pertinent description, summarized from General Janis Karpinski:

"..photographs and video of the torture were taken and how despite Congress having seen thousands of them, few of the persons responsible for authorizing the raping of women, the beating to death of innocent people, and the torture of minors have been brought to justice." 1

And in her speech, incredibly she said, refering to 9/11, "I know what it is like to face an inquiry to make sure everything that could be done was done" (paraphrase)

Well never mind that official story of 9/11 has largely fallen to pieces in many people's regard and the 9/11 Commission was one enormous whitewash from start to finish, let's just put that aside for one second and go back in time:

"I don't think anybody could have predicted that they would try to use an airplane as a missile, a hijacked airplane as a missile." (Rice to the American people on May 16, 2002.)


George W. Bush himself was given a one-and-a-half page briefing on August 6, 2001. That briefing informed him that Osama Bin Laden's organization was capable of using a hijacked American airplane to conduct a major strike against targets within the United States. Furthermore, a month earlier, the Bush Administration was informed that terrorists had concocted plans to use airplanes as missiles. The truth is that experts did predict that terrorists would use hijacked airplanes as missiles, and those experts told George W. Bush about the threat." 2

And on this there are many many more examples than that.

Rice is a known liar who is addicted to spreading the Neocon regime's ideological and political poison. The situation has been left to spiral out of control, and even quietly ok'ed by the likes of the Blair and MI5, and this is why Rice trying to justify what is happening and endlessly lying (and on top the mountain of lies that the UK and US regime concocted about Iraq) is extraordinarily dangerous.

Take an example, when it comes to 'saving lives in Europe' as Condi wants you be fooled by, what MI5's Eliza Maningham-Buller said about intelligence gleaned from a detainee was plain rubbish:

"She points to information from Algerian agencies who questioned a man called Mohammed Meguerba. The evidence led to a raid on a London flat and the eventual uncovering of the so-called ricin plot" 3

But in reality the ricin plot was a government hoax, it never happened 4.

There was no ricin.

"Tony Blair personally cited the "ricin plot" when he presented his case for attacking Iraq. Colin Powell referred to it in his famous pre-war speech at the UN which is now known to have been a pack of lies from beginning to end."

Then later, another Maningham-Buller story was deliberately spun out via the Blair government that you should give up your civil liberties to fight terrorism. Let us torture you for your own good. And you seriously want to let these people drop you into their biometric surveillance and control grid ? Get real.

Rice's 'disgust' at the images from Iraq is a sham, because the policy came all the way from the top. It was never 'rogue elements'. We know there is a systematic policy of torture 5 6 7 8, we know that elements within the US administration, seek to redefine what torture means so as to circumvent laws prohibiting it 9.

We know that Neocon torture is widespread; at Bagram, at Abu Ghraib, at Guantanemo Bay and reaches way beyond that. A few lackeys are punished, General Karpinski was wrongly made a scapegoat for Abu Ghraib, yet the policy came from the highest levels of the civilian hierarchy.

We know too that torture has been celebrated and encouraged by radical foaming neocon elements like Alan Dershowitz who supports the Cheney/Bush view that torture shouldn't be some secret unofficial thing, it should be openly welcomed and embraced and enshrined in law. And as Dershowitz points out, the US currently "freely subcontracts its torture to Jordan, Egypt and the Philippines", so it's not like there isn't pleny of choice for torture vacations.

Uzbekistan, where "thousands, not hundreds, of innocent men, women and children suffer torture every year" 10, and where political prisoners are boiled alive was another favored partner in torture for the coalition agencies. 11

Quite why, in the face of the mountain of evidence Rice claims they don't torture is beyond astonishing. Even Dick Cheney, widely regarded to be the main decision maker has even been described by the former head of the CIA as "The Vice President for Torture".

Well guess what ? We are literally swimming in torture, yet Condi Rice, wonderful Dr Rice is inviting you to ignore these 'ridiculous allegations' because her definition of torture is different. We do know that Condoleeza Rice is a methodical and addicted liar, who is so submerged in her own mendacity and that of the regime, that she has lost touch with reality altogether.

Any so called 'friendly' government that invests in a policy of torture, exports torture, promotes a pseudo-official framework of torture, tries to redefine torture is a government that needs putting out of it's misery to put it mildly, and I'm sorry to say that this seems to clearly be a concerted campaign to drive the entire Western world into a hole in the ground that it will never get out of.

When regimes start to look for reasons to justify torture, to make it an official policy, then we are all in enormous trouble, and Rice's vile lies yesterday amount to using the CIA flights scandal as an opportunity to sell torture, to sell the concept of torture, to rebrand it as something else so that we may just forget about it and pretend it doesn't exist. She is trying to condition the world that torture is now good.

Well sorry Condi, but no. You are deliberately making the world a worse place for everyone. Your neocon regime (and our puppet one) have created an intricate fabric of lies by which to engineer a new hell on this planet, one that every right-thinking person has an obligation to reject and remove.

Update: Britains's role in CIA flights revealed.


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