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Friday, December 30, 2005

MI6 alleged torturer named in Diana events

The info on the British diplomat alleged to have been involved in torture and abductions by a Greek newspaper is out there. It seems this name has come up before as part of the circumstances leading up to the death of Princess Diana 1 2. The name, said to be Nicholas Langman, has come up in this context via former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson.

I would like to change direction a bit now, because I have noticed this year a tidal wave of stories about Diana which just haven't got a lot of traction outside of the Daily Express. I don't like the Express generally for it's ass-kissing war-on-terror drivel but it seems to be have kept pretty focused on this.

We know John "death penalty distraction" Stevens' investigation is still ongoing, at least I take it it is, as the last major stop was Prince Charles, and if we backtrack to over a year ago,

"Asked if he had dismissed any theories, Sir John said he did not dismiss anything but followed the evidence. He repeated his previous comment that, if necessary, he would interview the Prince of Wales." Telegraph

Well I guess a year and half later it was deemed necessary then.

And then all that fluff about Charles wanting to be called King George was spun out again, (it had already come out before).

Then there was an interesting story that a Diana portrait went missing.

Then, before that, you have (also originally run in the Express and also on Yahoo News) Diana being warned by a politician:

"Diana, Princess Of Wales was warned "accidents can happen" by a senior politician just six months before she died, according to her therapist. Simone Simmons has told British police investigating Diana's death in a 1997 Paris car crash that the princess asked her to listen to a recorded phone conversation with the politician threatening her over her campaign to ban landmines.

She was told, "Don't meddle with things you don't know about. Accidents can happen." Simmons has passed the name of the politician to police."

Back in October, the Express ran the story that Henri Paul's blood samples were actually swapped with those of a suicide victim 3 4, which had been widely suspected for some time. The Express seem to claim MI6 involvement with this.

There has been an awful lot of stuff on Diana that the Express has been running over the last year, and apparently pretty powerful stuff to boot that has been brought up by other sources before, but hasn't been getting a lot of play elsewhere. One wonders why. Perhaps a lot of media had just got tired of it, or for one reason or another, are wary of these exclusives in the Express, perhaps because previously someone was trying to dupe Al Fayed with forged documents pertaining to an MI6/CIA conspiracy to paint a real conspiracy as false in the public's mind, but what on Earth is going on ?

The strong suspicion is, Stevens, in his investigation, is only committed to coming up with yet another establishment whitewash.


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