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Monday, December 26, 2005

Ian Blair orders dodgy dossier on himself while police decide to permanently arm boroughs

Ian Blair dodgy dossierThe Times of India quoting a Daily Mail article reports that "Scotland Yard commissioner has set up a special committee to chronicle his achievements over his first year in the job, it emerged yesterday. The under-pressure Metropolitan Police chief wants the 15-man committee headed by one of his most senior officers to compile a dossier on his force's performance since he took over.

It will examine whether the Met has reached targets on crime reduction, counter terrorism and whether Sir Ian is succeeding in his 'mission' to make Londoners feel safer.

Yet it will not look at the most controversial incident of his reign the shooting of an innocent Brazilian at a London Tube station in July. It is not even clear if it will examine what police knew in the run-up to the July 7 suicide bomb attacks."

Indeed, Ian Blair has sought to move out of the way of the shooting as if he is but as spectator, which is a pretty preposterous position to take enough, made more grotesque as he sought to use it to build his celebrity. The second point about prior knowledge is important as well and may well be the Met knew something was coming, which they denied at the time, but we know Ian Blair advocates covering stuff up in his career too. We also know Tony Blair was warned about a major attack on the Tube.

Interestingly enough, that original AP story about Netanyahu was never actually retracted, indeed the original AP story was confirmed.

"[...] Earlier this month, representatives of the Metropolitan Police Federation and Black Police Association were invited for 'coffee and biscuits' at New Scotland Yard to discuss the positive aspects of the Sir Ian's first year."

(The Black Police Association's website is linked up to the Gay Police Association and the British Association for Women in Policing who venerate 'diversity officer', Gold Commander and Ian Blair buddy Cressida Dick who refused to carry the can for Jean Charles de Menezes execution while being supported by Ian Blair.)

"An email was sent out saying deputy assistant commissioner Alan Given had been asked to write an urgent report on the commissioner's 'achievements since he came into office" TOI (Daily Mail)

We have our own report/dossier right here, but this is interesting, it suggests either:

1) Ian Blair wants something to politically defend himself with, possibly one of these inquiries (likely the 2nd into himself) could be difficult for him

2) He is planning to quit

Meanwhile, another Independent 'exclusive' Home Office press release dressed up as news reports:

"There is growing pressure (What 'growing pressure' ? Completely the opposite I'd say -j) for more armed officers on Britain's streets, particularly with the threat of terrorist attacks. These latest plans are expected to be copied across the UK."

Pure government spin machine. One wonders that the reason the government keep seeping out the worst of what they are doing to the Independent is because of it's low circulation of 261,193.

"[...] The proposed increase follows an internal review at the Met. This was sparked partly by the shooting dead of PC Sharon Beshenivsky, an unarmed officer who was murdered after going to a robbery in Bradford in November."

At the time it seemed that massive political capital would be wrung out of her killing. That's when Rupert Murdoch employee and ex-chief John Stevens came out to start foaming that the death penalty should be brought back exclusively for killing a police officer.

Then the government said 'oh no we are not going to bring back the death penalty' and 'we are not going to arm the police' except, in the latter, they are doing it anyway by the backdoor.

I suspect now the death penalty thing was a distraction by which to arm the police. Perhaps there was more to the Beshenivsky thing than it seemed as well, after all it was used to try to take the public eye and sympathy off and away from respectively the Jean Charles de Menezes killing to re-enable the police to go round killing people again. It didn't really work at all though.

"Sir Ian Blair, the Met Commissioner, is also concerned about the continuing rise in gun crime, which rose by five per cent in the past year in London.

Assistant Commissioner Steve House (shoot to kill for 'stalking' -j) , the head of the Met's central operations, which includes the firearms unit, said: "We don't want to go down the route of a totally armed service. We want firearms officers to be specialists. We are looking to see whether it should expand to a permanent armed presence in the boroughs."

Nice doublespeak from a bought-off policeman.

"He stressed that no final decision had been made (sure -j), but said: "My view is that the right way to go is to increase CO19 further, then have armed officers in boroughs. It's the sensible thing to do."

Sensible for who ?

Policemen who act like such paid-for regime marionettes, such as Steve House or like Frank Whiteley perhaps shouldn't be in the job if their priorities are elsewhere. Really it's a pathetic spectacle and everytime the police do this it smears all of them in the same collective politically-charged feces. The British police are fast becoming the sinister embarrassment of the world and an enormous threat to the population.

We know something is very very wrong and festering in the police. We know the police are now part of the problem unfolding. We know significant elements of senior officers have been politicized, radicalized and puppeted by the government, and by the taste of Murdoch dished out glory in the political war on terror.

"Gun crime in London has increased by 5.3 per cent - up 195 offences to 3,903 - in the year up to November 2005 compared to the same period in 2004. The latest figures for Operation Trident - the Met's operation against black-on-black gun violence in London - has shown a 34 per cent rise, from 108 offences to 164 in the six months from April to October 2005, compared with the same period last year."

And it's no surprise, with people like Cressida Dick running Operation Trident.


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