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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blair/Home Office ID slave plot ambushed

"Tory and Liberal Democrat peers are preparing a New Year ambush for Tony Blair's flagship identity card scheme that could seriously undermine the legislation.

They are confident of watering down the Government's plans by making it voluntary rather than effectively compulsory to register on a new national database, which will include biometric data such as iris scans, facial images and fingerprints.

Peers are expected to back an amendment to the Identity Cards Bill that would allow people to apply for a passport without having to submit their details for the ID cards database.

Labour's majority was halved when a similar move was made in the Commons in October.

If the Lords send the Bill back to MPs with the safeguard inserted the Government may find it hard to persuade its backbenchers to delete it, as concern is growing at Westminster over the soaring costs of ID cards and implications for civil liberties..."

It might be good that Cameron is doing something useful, other than posturing and preening himself about global partnerships and gay warming, I mean gay partnerships and global warming, but a voluntary card may not be satisfactory, because unless that helps the entire strategy to collapse (which it well might as without the sheer forced slave numbers to support the scheme it would die) then it would clearly still allow for a place for you to be reserved within the joined-up hyper-government ID database which the Home Office keeps bragging that they are creating.

But the real issue remains: Just like the war on Iraq should never have happened, this plot for suffocating technological tyranny should never have been brought before Parliament to begin with. It doesn't matter that it was a 'manifesto commitment', a manifesto commitment to torture little kids ain't gonna cut it either.

I'm sure someone has already given this overall ideology of militarized technology to enslave a name, but lets call it 'Security-Industrial-Complexism', or 'unparalleled tyranny by the backdoorism' or 'hyper-dominion via technologyism'. Whatever, this ideology is an enemy.

It doesn't really matter whether it is watered down or not, I will never accept a UK ID card, an EU ID card, a Global ID card so that I may be inserted and imprisoned into this choking slave grid, but the card bit is just a tiny part of this plot and the entire portfolio of machinery of this appalling doctrine of technological terror needs to be dismantled and destroyed.


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