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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Blair wants UN to be neocon war factory

"Tony Blair ... called for wide-ranging reform of the UN, the IMF and the World Bank to foster a more effective response to global challenges such as poverty and terrorism.

The prime minister, speaking at Georgetown University in Washington, said change was needed to promote "global values" after the diplomatic fallout from the Iraq war, which left the international community "riven" by disputes. "To meet effectively the challenge that faces us, we must fashion an international community that both embodies and acts in pursuit of global values - liberty, democracy, tolerance, justice," he said"

It's a good job Blair is a decomposing lame duck, as at every possible juncture he seeks not to embolden those poor pleb victims who moronically mistakenly re-elected him in the UK for a third miserable term until the long-conspired smooth and orderly coronotion of his Granita-pact partner Gordon Brown, but the endless glorification of global quangos of elites dictating from above the lives of the world:

"British officials said Mr Blair would use his visit to appeal for greater American involvement in the UN, in return for reforms that could make the UN more responsive to American interests. These reforms would include an expansion of the Security Council to 25 members and the addition of Brazil, Germany, India and Japan as permanent members. The position of secretary general would no longer be rotated to give every continent a turn (it is Asia's turn next), but awarded instead to a high-powered international figure chosen from a global pool. He or she would have far greater powers over the budgets and staff of the UN agencies than Kofi Annan currently commands.

Mr Blair denied last night that he was seeking to write a job description for his own post-Downing Street years"

Worthless, twisted upside-down words for cowards to cling to, for Murdoch to sell newspapers by and to add support to the perverse mythologies and cloistered philosophies of an audience of anti-American Americans. To twist the meanings of liberty, freedom and democracy on their head, to make them meaningless and soiled, for a doomed Blair to drag them into his putrid pit of self-created destruction as he uses them to paper over the Bush/Cheney/Neocon cracks with this garbage, trying to pour legitimacy onto the Neoconservative programme to reorder the world itself with a new despotism, and for Blair to buy himself a future place in this New Dystopia by sacrificing the UK along the way.

"Mr Blair warned that the west would sometimes need to take pre-emptive military action abroad, even if it was not on the basis of definite information. The speech followed on from previous explanations of the so-called "Blair doctrine" - Mr Blair's concept of a foreign policy centred on "morally-based" military interventions abroad"

This is about as bad as it gets; actually trying to re-manufacture a mandate for arbitrary war without reason, justification or evidence but based on a personal perverse mythology hopelessly glued onto the coat tails of Neocon machinations, appealing only to the clueless Fox News watching plebs and appalling cowards who's only option is to pretend all is well and that they are somehow participating in it all.

Obviously, with such a prospectus based neither on necessity, nor any kind of 'shared values' (a meaningless term to round up the sheep, to manfucture a mandate, and about as appetising as a rotting dog carcas), the reality then actually appears to be about promoting the fear of being attacked arbitrarily. And I have never heard such a stream of poisonous excreta coming from a UK prime minister.

"Confronting his critics, the prime minister told the audience that the international community should bury its divisions over Iraq to support "a child of democracy struggling to be born"

Well do excuse me while I puke up towards this astonishing soundbyte of arrogance, this 'child of democracy' appears more a product of a long-established Neoconservative directive of US primacy, who's specific motivations seem to be a combination of permanent strategic military bases, better control of oil and according to at least one US official to 'protect Israel', foisted onto Iraq when the political circumstances just about permitted it against the backdrop of 9/11, an event that many now believe needs reinvestigating, and in any event, against the better judgement of the entire world.

An atmosphere for a pre-intended war spun by waves of lies was gratuitously forced onto a country already ravaged by previous wars and genocidal sanctions, and let's face it, Blair only glued himself onto the latest Iraq war because to take the correct position of saying no was just too much , so instead he took it as an opportunity to carve a new CV for himself out to impress those ideologues already long-committed to military action against Iraq.

Blair sought to steer the Neocon done-deal 1 2 3 of Iraq through the UN knowing fully such a pursuit was always a sham anyway, and in any event it would only give the forced-facade of legitimacy to something that was always wrong to begin with, yet Blair now sees the UN's future as effectively rubber-stamping a stream of new bloodsheds.

Like all of Blair's ideas, this option is exactly what the world doesn't need, and Blair's vision of the UN as a Neoconservative/Leninist war machine presumbably with him in control should send serious shivers down the spine.

Naturally, this is obscene and is like an unconvicted but guilty child-murderer saying the system is too weak to stop me, therefore it must be changed to legitimize my future planned killings instead. Of course, in the real world, such a killer does not disqualify themselves from punishment with such warped dillusions.

Meanwhile, it's hardly any surprise that George Galloway made the comments he did on Blair:

"...he was quoted as saying the Prime Minister's assassination would be "entirely logical and explicable". Speaking to GQ , the former Glasgow Labour MP said: "Yes, it would be morally justified" ...though he added: "I am not calling for it" 4

Galloway has taken some criticism, and although he was speaking in relation to Iraq, if one were actually to accept Blair's own garbage soundbyte thesis; his insane desire for arbitrary groundless war on a whim to bring about 'shared values', removing 'unstable dictatorships' and so on, then perhaps it is just as applicable to him too.

Maybe an increasingly neurotic and deranged Cherie, furious that she is not in the spotlight enough, will do the terrible deed, that is when she isn't immersed in her witchcraft of strange rituals of swinging pendulums over her husband's toenail clippings, spending over £7000.00 on her hair or autographing whitewashes designed to acquit her maniacal spouse to be auctioned off.

Maybe the UK military will have enough of the entire cabinet of fanatics and ex-communists who are telling them to sacrifice themselves for the next wretched war and who giggle and laugh while troops come home in body bags.

Sadly, the true implications of Galloway's words are likely to be missed: if you have politicians actually talking openly about killing the prime minister, then something has clearly gone catastrophically wrong, something has constitutionally collapsed and the direction of Blair and his worthless government is so dangerously partitioned from reality in a pursuit of self-indulgent wreckless fanaticism that it beggars belief how we got to this stage in the first place and is a clear sign we simply cannot go on like this any longer.

Of course, this is all the more reason to make sure Blair never gets his hooks into the UN.


Blogger Richard said...

Jultra, I've been abroad for a couple of weeks, but it's good to find you're still working as hard and as well, as ever.

I've been catching up on what I've been missing - well, as best I can - and I've not been disappointed. Keep it coming, my friend. Don't give the buggers a break -- not for minute.

9:01 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Richard big thanks! hope you had a fanastic holiday.

I've been pretty out of it myself lately and am catching up too...

12:32 AM  
Blogger Richard said...

Yes thanks, jultra. We had a whale of a time.

I'm glad you're okay. I was getting woried about you.

1:49 AM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Cheers Richard, yeah I'm ok just needed another little diversion from this stuff.

12:57 AM  

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