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Saturday, April 29, 2006

New Labour, who cares it's a failed regime

So the tinpot New Labour regime got chastised over their pet gargoyle Patricia Hewitt with the NHS, John Prescott who managed to have an affair with someone 20 years younger and porcine liar Charles Clarke, who while he was much more interested doing his master's bidding on the radical human ID slave grid and trying to bring back internment, let over a thousand foreign criminals on the loose.

The Sun's Trevor Kavanagh went over all of this and describes his blog as 'The Blog Politicians Fear' which, as a megaphone to the followers of mulitnational Murdoch's power in the UK probably has some truth in it, although Kavanagh ain't gonna start making politicans sweat if it means steering Murdoch's blimp off course. That said he did write a good piece about Europe though, so presumbably Murdoch isn't buying into that bucket of horrors. Just a shame then he didn't bother to actually tell his buddy Blair at the time of the UK EU Presidency instead of just telling Kavanagh.

It's interesting the mainstream 'popular' media like the Sun and the BBC are all over Labour's recent blunders, but did nothing about the ID slave grid and a host of other crap and have more or less given a thumbs-up to an attack on Iran.

With these local elections one would suppose that Blair would actually care, but of course he doesn't, as Blair, like the sociopathic genocidal crackpot he is within his own reality, apparently believes all is well as Britain ever crumbles into a third world despotic failed state urgently needing regime change thanks to him.

Because of this total and complete constitutional meltdown in the UK as the tinpot New Labour regime gratuitously concocts more and more indulgent, radical and fanatical plans totally remote and partitioned from anyone's reality, the media are apparently trying to push the BNP; perhaps a sign that the wheels of establishment are keen to create new flawed choices to keep you far enough away from where you want to be. Thanks to New Labour, the UK is now more than ever officially one of the 'unstable dictatorships' that Blair grandstands about, while the BNP, although their response is different to it, have come to mirror the same underlying doctrine Blair has: the global Clash of Civilizations and there's still capital in that angle.

The papers all say the BNP will take advantage of the disenfranchised working class vote. It seems to me the mainstream media are wielding the BNP to appeal to the fears of 'Middle England' as well, who, viewing the world through the glittery fog of the Daily Mail and Evening Standard, when they are not reading about the Da Vinci Code, have been made terrified of dirty bombs and shadowy terrorists in every nook and cranny thanks to Blair's propaganda machine and his most revered perpetual 'good/progressive' war policy. Maybe then a BNP vote is paying homage to that same mainstream media-machine-gone wrong that swallowed the Blair Noble Lie and assisted in the complete collapse of Parliament, democracy and politics in the UK and that refused to deal properly with Blair itself.

Meanwhile Gordon 'smooth transition' Brown must be furious that Blair still won't let him come out of his box...is he behind some or all of this, or at least pleased at revelations that Peter Hain was allegedly offering an independent MP a peerage if he refused to stand in the last election?

However you vote in the local elections: against the backdrop of the horror in Iraq, the psychotic threats being made to Iran, a world torture programme and a domestic humiliating police state including the radical dehumanizing ID slave grid in the UK, make sure it's not Labour.


Blogger Richard said...

I'm right with you, Jultra.

Say NO to the Bliar's Noo-Labour. And say it LOUD & clear.

3:51 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Absolutely Richard and they took a good kicking last night!

8:04 PM  

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