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Friday, July 21, 2006

Lebanon 'torn to shreds'

Lebanon torn to shreds
Firstly from Gert, a powerful site depicting what is happening in Lebanon and thanking the 'civilized' west for what is being imposed on it (warning- site contains horrifying images):


Please sign the petition there.

Also from earlier today: 'Lebanon 'torn to shreds' (Aljazeera):

"Lebanon's prime minister has told foreign ambassadors that his country "has been torn to shreds".

Fuad Siniora said: "Can the international community stand by while such callous retribution by the state of Israel is inflicted on us? "You want to support the government of Lebanon? Let me tell you ... no government can survive on the ruins of a nation.

"I hope you will not let us down. We the Lebanese want life. We have chosen life. We refuse to die."

Wednesday's death toll reached 74, as Israeli strikes killed 72 people in Lebanon and a Hezbollah rocket attack left two Arab-Israeli children dead in the northern Israeli town of Nazareth. More than 300 people have now been killed and 500,000 displaced during the week-long conflict.

Jets dropped bombs on an area of southern Beirut where Israeli commanders said senior Hezbollah leaders were sheltering.

Israeli military officials said dozens of aircrafts dropped 23 tonnes of explosives on what they described as a bunker in the Bourj al-Barajneh section of southern Beirut...."


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thats going to do WHAT exactly?

Better if everyone boycotts Israel. No more tourists, no more money.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Gert said...


Thanks for the thoughtful mention, but more importantly for spending some time on this issue.

Britain once again chooses the wrong side.

Blair has now lost even that liiiittle bit I would still have given him for the Good Friday agreement.

6:15 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Anon and Gert:

Yes well, this is not a subject I specialize in drectly, I'm not particularly in tune with the nuances of the ME, Israel etc as Gert is, although like everyone I read a something about it as it is such a focal point and it's something we are confronted with all the time.

So things are being 'handed to us' and quickly we're forced to have an opinion on them. I value Gert's opinion on these matters.

A real problem here as Gert says has to be the US and UK for not at all in any way working swiftly for an end to the violence , and I find that simply incredible to just let this episode go ahead. The front page of the Independent today displayed us an axis (with the US and Israel) in effect completely remote from the rest of the world who have been calling for a ceasefire.

I also find it absolutely monstrous that neocons like Gingrich are trying to declare World War 3 out of this.

7:27 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

** The front page of the Independent today displayed us an axis (with the US and Israel) in effect completely remote from the rest of the world who have been calling for a ceasefire. **

Then the Independent is right. No ifs or buts.

We have been led down this road ever since [the then completely inexperienced] Blair's phone call to Bush on 9/11. In his rush to ingratiate himself he virualy handed Bush & the US a blank cheque book.

Sure, he needed to express his condolences, etc -- it was a terrible thing -- but he rushed blindly in, not knowing what the hell he was realy doing.

Since that day on, half the world has suffered because of his cock-up. BushCo had, without even seeking it, been gifted the cloak of 'respectability' that the UK's blanket backing gave them.

I'm certain that history will show how fate flung together the worst leaders both the US & UK have ever had -- and the [at the time] unimaginably, awful consequences such an unholy alliance brought about.

1:06 AM  

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