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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Guardian spells out reality of ID slave grid

Pretty good piece in the Guardian about the regime's radical human ID slave grid (found on Rachel's blog) Of course, some of us have been making exactly these points for quite a while...

"The government claims that national identity cards will help to counter terrorism, illegal immigration and ID fraud. That's rubbish, says Henry Porter, and in fact there is something much more sinister about them - they will fundamentally alter the relationship between citizen and state, and make slaves of us all.."

Read entire article...

It's very very very challenging for some people to accept what is happening in the UK. You almost can't blame some for turning away from it and pretending everything is more or less OK, because it's just too terrible. But we just can't do that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't like the 'Rachel from North London' blog. It is a part of the '7/7' myth, that on that day, something special happened. The fact of the matter is that nothing special or unique happened on that day. It is not a day that we should remember over any other day. It is not a day that should be commemorated, celebrated, marked, written about specifically or in the context of or in any way displaced from any other day in the calendar.

Making this day special is tantamount to the creation of a death cult, like the Shia death cult, that celebrates the murder of one of their religious ancestors as the absolute center of their belief. Death cults foster bad emotions, bad behavior and bad politics. Anyone who uses it as a hub for their emotions, politics point of view or anything for that matter is committing grave error.

This blogger voted labour. She obviously has no common sense whatsoever. She is not a good writer. Her blog is only being read because the sickening momentum of that non-event day is propelling her and her pointless blathering to undeserved prominence.

I say again. We must totally and completely reject the myth of '7/7'. There is no such thing as '7/7'; this phrase has temporarily entered into the language of the weak minded by design to further control and corral thought and weaken resistance against the move to tyranny in the UK.

It is wrong that she was almost killed by a bomb, but this does not give her voice any more authority than anyone else's voice. The hundreds of thousands of people who have been deliberately murdered with pre-meditation by the government she voted for and the taxes she continues pay are the things we should be concerned about, and writing about and speaking about. This woman was able to vote for Bliar precisely because the voices of the countless maimed traumatized and murdered people in the countries that USUK have attacked are never heard above the screeching whining noise of bloggers like 'Rachel from North London'.

Paying attention to her and not the voices of cold logic will allow another Neu Labour government to be elected, and anyone who holds that idea as 'unthinkable' is of the type that believes 'Rachel from North London' is a blog of value. It is not. That so many people '...Thank you for voicing what I and many many other feel.' as evidenced in the comments of that blog is truly frightening; it means that people are not able to think logically, have no grasp of scale or recent history, are incapable of making judgments and are drenched in the sticky syrup of maudlin emotion that is used to drive the myth of '7/7'. Anyone or anything that drives, promotes, sustains and strengthens this childish emotionalism should be rejected on principle, and in this case as a measure of self preservation, because it is this infantile mode of thought that weakens the minds of people so that they are able to give up their liberty incrementally in exchange for 'security' and continue to vote for the same cabal of murderers time and time again.

To repeat; that date was not a 'turning point' or a 'day when everything changed' any more than any day where a bomb is exploded is a day of change. If you have any common sense, ability to think or concern for your future, you should actively reject the myth of '7/7' every time you read it or have it regurgitated to you.

9:06 AM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Well there is a lot of hard truth in what you are saying anon, and I don't necessarily support all of Rachel's overall perspective, of course I'm mentioning her here because that's where I found the link to the Guardian article.

Actually I was going to respond to the article you linked to on Gert's blog (as Gert has it posted too), which I was writing a response to when blogger went down last night for a while.

To be fair though I guess some of the things she is saying are kind of what you are saying, i.e there is a 7/7 everyday in Iraq.

And I fully agree with you, no one should be seriously trying to promote the idea of a 'world changed' afterwards. This kind of reasoning is bogus, and indicates that people are using this event for other purposes.

I guess she's making a rhetorical point though anyway because Tony Blair isn't going to listen, he isn't going to change into something else, say Iraq was a terrible mistake, and be nice Blair when he leaves office and then nice Gordon will take over. It's not going to happen.

New Labour have committed themselves to a different kind of living for everyone. I don't see any other way out of looking at this other that we're dealing with fanatical degenerate ideologues, some from communist roots projecting their shared values onto a more user-friendly Musolini-like Blair, drunk with power, backed by powerful financial forces like Lord Levy, and with a commitment to change society into something horrendous.

I think we can afford ourselves that analysis, even if the description is not that conservative.

If Rachel is putting forward these views hoping to rehabilitate Labour, then my personal view is she's quite mistaken.

12:27 AM  

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