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Monday, July 31, 2006

9/11 on C-SPAN

Perhaps more for any US readers out there, but not necessarily. There was a bit of a breakthrough recently when C-SPAN aired the 9/11 Panel discussion organised by Alex Jones. For Americans there is currently something of an effort underway to inform others that on Tuesday August 1, C-SPAN will re-air this 9-11 discussion at 6:10 pm EDT.

I don't think we have an equivalent of C-SPAN here, which is a shame. It's a kind of a non-profit (yet not government funded) fulltime 'The Daily Politics' (without the nonsense) mixed with BBC Parliament as it's own network but from what I've seen of it, rather better than either.

Previously C-SPAN's Book TV aired a speech by David Ray Griffin on responses to 9/11 and the American Empire.

This streaming video of the new Alex Jones conference is available on the C-SPAN site, although it didn't seem to work when I tried, but you can download it here.

Also for any newbies on this subject (if there's any remaining) here is a brief synopsis from a radio show last year by David Ray Griffin on why people should be concerned about 9/11. This was recorded before the work of Stephen E. Jones was published and before the release of the oral histories.


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