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Monday, July 31, 2006

'If only Blair could change'

In the Guardian's Comment is Free section, within which neocons propagandizing for World War 3 like Newt Gingrich can find a home, regular columnist Mary Riddell yesterday talked about the complexity of the issues within the Lebanon/Israel crisis and asks that is some of the reaction becoming contempt of Israel itself ? Well maybe some people will find a debate there but that's not actually what I want to talk about, instead I want to discuss her conclusion:

"When politicians lose their compass, citizens can become the steersmen. That is why British protesters of all creeds and opinions must stay united to press for better diplomacy, better intelligence-gathering and a foreign policy not designed to alienate half the world. But critics losing faith in an obdurate Prime Minister may also have to question their own certitudes"

The problem here is that people have already long last faith in Blair. Questions over Blair's judgement, his motivation, his ideology have hardly been confined to Israel/Lebanon, which he is said to be out of step with even some of his own moronic cabinet of hand-picked, hand-shuffled, Blairite, career asslickers.

And more broadly as far as the UK at home and abroad goes, it's not so much a steersman needed but a mutiny to take over the ship before it crashes into the rocks and sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

Clearly, the certitude of a political leader can never be regarded as measurement of how 'correct', or how in the national interest, a particular stance or decision is. No doubt Hitler's actions, Chairman Mao's, Stalin's were all deployed with ample conviction. Blair's messianic belief on Iraq was very strong. Blair's conviction on the human ID slave grid (which thankfully even Rupert Murdoch seems to be hinting at needs to die a death urgently) was very strong, as it has been on a myriad of disastrous policies. Of course if we measure Israel/Lebanon in terms of world opinion then world opinion has very much been calling for a ceasefire, so everyone else must be just plain wrong and once again the visionary Blair super-glued to the world domination plot of the disgusting ex-Trotskyite neocons and the worst president in US history will lead us all to greatness.

That Blair diplays what Riddell describes as stubbornness (what he would call certitude) on all these issues makes his judgment all the worse, not more convincing or likely to be correct.

But it seems to me that Riddell's position is symptomatic of a wider problem along the lines of 'we should stop loosing faith in the government', 'if only Tony Blair would listen', 'if we only we could bring Labour back', 'sigh, if only they hadn't had the war in Iraq' etc. There's a lot of people out there guilty of this and you know who you are; people who also think Labour can be rescued when Gordon Brown is shoehorned into power, fullfilling the Grantia conspiracy and that will save the day.

Likewise, this idea of 'steering' the government with concerned reprimands over specific policies plucked out by career columnists is, in my view, a manifestation of a complete failure to understand the problems we all now face. The fact the government has listened to none of it, apart from getting annoyed when the Telegraph saw what was happening and rightly likened them to Nazis over their ID slave grid and eugenics programmes has to tell us a great deal about the direction and velocity of their intent.

Don't get me wrong, it's extremely important that newspapers do kick up a big stink about the actions and position of the goverment but my feeling is this kind of thinking that only lambastes specific policies and positions in near-isolation is simply not sufficient or correct.

Columnists are generally not participating in policy making, or the thinking of the Blair inner-cabal who are fully partitioned from the rest of reality, that is, unless well-meaning but ill-advised press campaigns can be seized upon and twisted into 'socialist legality' or more 'social responsibility' by New Labour, giving succor those who seek censorship, more horrendous controls on society, or debasing the law further.

Thoughtful commentary, but which refuses to connect the dots on the regime's track record, doesn't seem to be working. Things are getting worse in terms of foreign policy and what is happening domestically both of which are now headed towards catastrophe.

So one has to ask those like Mary Riddell, has she considered that maybe...possibly..Blair's stance on Israel/Lebanon, which has just contributed to another 34 children killed (amid hundreds of people killed overall), is fully consistent with his position across the board from Iraq to the human ID slave grid ? That he is commited to radically perverse ideologies and depraved distortions of morality and justice that are simply not in the interest of the UK or the world ?

This seems a lot more realistic to me than this idea of 'this policy is bad', 'that policy is bad', 'I'm going to criticize this aspect of that policy', 'why won't the government listen me ?', which, at this stage of things, can only be met with utter ridicule. The truth is the whole thing is very very bad of a magnitude people don't really want to deal with. Until we can face up to the fact that New Labour has been nothing but an horrendous and destructive coup that has delivered tyranny, misery, corporatism, corruption, war and death packaged into unwelcome 'socially responsible' soundbytes, Blair's messianic delusions and the Clash of Civilizations, then things will continue to get worse.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again, Jultra, you hit the nail right on the head.

I have been saying on our blog for a long time now, that we have gone well beyond the point of demonstrations, petitions, article writing without solution offering, and every other tool of the 20th century, which only work when there are sane, moral human beings at the helm.

This last weekend there was an article on children being fingerprinted, and the EU legislation enabling this being drawn up in secret.

It is abundantly clear that this is 'our challenge'. Every other generation has, it seems, a challenge thrown at it, of a sort that means life or death. Our life or death challenge is wether or not we will passively submit to the plans of the New Tyranny. I am sure you have wondered what you would have done had it been you trapped in Germany at the time of the rise of Hitler, or been there during the purges of Stalin. Well, now is your chance. This is your opportunity to see first hand what that was like, and it is your chance to test your mettle against monsters.

If we submit to the radical dehumanizing slave grid as you so beautifully call it, freedom will die in this country. The same goes for the americans and everyone else in the west. Absolute and real time control of identity is the key to the New Tyrany; it makes controlling millions of people easy. This is why they are so desperate to roll out the new systems; as you know they are trying to install them through several different routes simultaneously. This may be due to vendor competition as much as the urge to control, but in any case, the fact remains that the push is being made, and we must all point blank refuse it. By 'refuse it' I mean absolutely refuse to register, no matter what the consequences, and by saying this, I demonstrate the new, necessary way of speaking in this time of struggle; never write about a problem or issue without offering a strategy or soultion. The 'journalists' you decry probably will not learn this until it is too late.

For those of you who are reading this comment and are not aware of the potential of this slave grid, let me provide a scenario explaining how it could work to control masses of people from a single desktop.

If, in the future, when people suddenly realize that their freedom has evaporated like a block of dry ice in the summer sun, and they want to organize a resistance, any number of protestors or refusniks can be neutralized instantly.

Here is how they will do it.

Since you will need your card to access money and therefore food, transport and anything you need to live, all the 'security services' need to do is get a list of the names of half the members of the resistance organization. They will then, through telephone, Oyster and email records build up a social network map of all the people who these people are in contact with, or have been in contact with for the last 12 months.

They then shut the cards of all the people in the original list and all the people in their social network off.

Yes, that is possible. The current legislation gives the Home Secretary the authority to do this, and in terms of database technology, it is as trivial as switchin off a light.

In an instant, thousands of people will have their lives stopped, not only everyone in the organization, who will have been snared because they will have been in contact with each other by either phone or email, but all the people peripherally related to the original list. They will all become instant beggars, reliant on the charity of friends and family to eat, since they will not be able to access money to buy food.

Owing to the fact that the 'security forces' used a social network to create the list of people to be attacked, many of the people who found their account shut down will be furious; not with the government, but with the friends and family that caused this to happen through 'troublemaking'. They will realize that their permanent records will show that they are connected to 'troublemakers'. They will have their lives disrupted at a level and for a length of time and in an invasive way that people can only barely grasp today.

This will amount to an immense social pressure against any type of protest or the creation of any sort of anti government organization, since not only are you taking the risk that your identity will be shut down or at the least tainted, but you are also risking the lives of your entire network of contacts friends and family alike.

If you, the comment reader, do not think that this can happen, then you either have no understanding how these systems work, or you are delusional. This is the way that they will be utilzed, and there are no two ways about it.

The only way that we can prevent this and the myriad other horrible scenarios from taking place is mass refusal to register in the NIR, in order to render it useless. This means telling everyone what the NIR really entails. It means refusing to register your children in any identity scheme, with or without fingerprints, EU based or UK based. You should already be refusing to travel to the USA (for this and many other reasons) because they fingerprint everyone upon entering in the vile USVISIT programme. Note also how the EU is proposing the fingerprinting of children, essentially, "because the usa wants it".

I have made it plain that I will not co-operate with the New Tyranny on this or any other level. Everyone that I know knows it, and has been fullly briefed as to why, causing them to also pledge to refuse, and spread the word.

To all those who think that they can leave the country and start a new life somewhere that is free, there is nowhere to run from this. This is a global power grap. You must make your stand right where you are and face down these beasts. This is your time and your place and your challenge.

We cannot afford to fail, and just as all tyrants have been defeated, our tyrants will be ground into dust, and our lives restored to their proper paths.

11:26 AM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Hi there Anon, many thanks.

On ID cards and such, thanks for thoughts, well I agree with it all and yes no doubt people should absolutely make a mockery of it and treat it with the contempt it deserves. I don't actually think there is a choice not too. It's just way too dangerous a concept.

Yes I saw thing on EU Finger prints, what does this tell us, and why are they being drawn up in secret ? I think realistically the EU is a sinister disaster, and an entire different kind of EU needs to appear if it is survive at all. If it can't then the UK may be better off out of it altogether. Similarly, I would fully resist my children being finger printed. It's just vile.

To be fair some journalists are talking about all the polices together. They tend to be fairly few but growing in regularity. The Independent, the Guardian and the Telegraph have started to reflect this more.

Riddell is quite liked as a columnist on the Guardian site, and some of her arguments may be perfectly valid....as far as they go, you get the impression that underneath is another 'why won't Tony Blair listen' person. Of course, Blair has no intention listening to anything. She did write a poor article on the United 93 film.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Gert said...


Good dissection. Your points have been noted.

5:07 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

I'm going to echo Gert. You really are a 'terrier' jultra.

11:50 PM  

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