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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blair departure blueprint

Against a backdrop of another letter by MPs (I would guess organised again by a desperate Gordon Brown) calling for Blair to go, this new leaked 'Blair departure blueprint memo' in today's Daily Mirror makes for predictable reading.

Indeed it just confirms the hopeless and enormous chasm between Blair, his advisors, New Labour itself, and the rest of the world. It explains one reason a rotting Blair is still hanging on; there is simply no way to allow him go out on a high note, there will never be a 'good moment', a 'high moment' and trying to pass off something with as much appeal as a box of decaying offal as a golden prize is, unsurprisingly quite a challenge.

"The retirement blueprint aims to promote the "triumph of Blairism" and allow the PM to quit on a wave of euphoria after 10 years in office"

If the 'triumph of Blairism' means the triumph of unlimited depravity and diseased thinking over right and reason, convincing the most stupid in society that up is down and black is white, then I guess you could call it a 'triumph'. But to everyone else, trying to repaint a repugnant, soiled, fanatical dictator with poll ratings worse than Nixon during Watergate, up to his eyeballs in a half-baked international coup against the world in some warm and friendly light where the public will be left 'hungry for more' is simply a lost cause.

And what is Blairism as history shows ? A means to give a veneer of deceptive 'free-market' legitimacy to a hodge-podge of dangerously deranged social fanatics to play God ?

Blair's legacy across the board is nothing to celebrate, instead it is a deep shame on Britain itself. Perhaps worse than Western-installed despots who Blair seeks to otherthrow with manufactured dossiers and old student essays plucked off the internet and then sexed-up some more by his advisors, as he was actually voted in and repeatedly, so all the more disgrace must be accepted by a vacant chunk of the British people for nominating everyone into a humiliating, crushing 'social democratic' nightmare. Of course, Blair's 'social democracy', is more akin to an extreme form of Lenin's 'democratic centralism', without the 'democratic' bit, i.e, Blair decides and a gaggle of useful (or rather useless) idiots under the spell of his personality cult in the vestigal cabinet dotingly agree to press on with wars, ID slave grids and debased police state fanaticism however ridiculous they look.

As such, it's no surprise that the Mirror, a once fairly decent anti-war paper misses the point that getting rid of Blair only opens the door to a set of even worse problems as new would-be despots jostle for power:

"Gordon Brown and the possible reactions of the Chancellor, who fears the longer Mr Blair stays the stronger the Tories will become, are prepared for under a section labelled "threats and opportunities"

Which is somewhat ironic as Brown is even more devoted to the horrific policies that appeared under Blair than Blair himself. Brown's fight with Blair is a fight not over policy, but over power and Brown's hunger for the Granita conspiracy to be fulfilled. Gordon Brown is not trying to do the UK a favour by getting rid of Blair because Blair is bad, but because he wants to install himself in Blair's position and do even worse.

The other failure of the Mirror is to look at Iraq as somehow distinct from all the rest of Blair's policies, and the Mirror being the Mirror, wrongly try to sort the good from the bad, not wanting to accept that Iraq is part of the identical mindset which is turning the clock back on liberty and humanity, with the radical human ID slave grid, bugs in your wheelie bins, CCTV everywhere, and 3000+ new crimes (much of it hideous political police state nonsense) designed to impose this 'triumph of Blairism' onto it's victims.

"The document, headed "Reconnecting with the public - a new relationship with the media", was prepared earlier this year"

Oh yes, let's reconnect with perpetual war, a politicised Stasi police force, and an endless fountain of crackpot nonsense laws, as the UK under the Blair regime is little more than a doll's house for Blair and Brown to play social tyranny and arrange how they want.

"Sketching out his exit it says: "One where we make it clear that the PM will be spending his final period in office preparing Britain for its future challenges, setting out what they are and connecting with the public who gave him the chance to serve"

Which they must surely regret, electing as they did in effect, a coup against themselves.

And who is Blair, who's judgment is monstrously perverted and therefore irrelevant, to be proclaiming what the 'future challenges' are? For Blair and Brown, the future challenges are already well documented; the challenge being to convince a population that it needs to be ever more crushed by their fanatical political choices that are firmly detached from reality, the challenge to convince the public that up is down and black and is white, and the challenge to promote war, torture and a domestic police state while trying to sell Gordon Brown as some sort of 'alternative' to Blair, when these are all things he has enthusiastically helped bring about.

Maybe I have misread this, but the Mirror's article seems to end curiously in mid sentence:

"There are specific issues which can provide opportunities and threats. They are: GB's reaction - the more successful we are the more it will agitate and possibly destabilise him, we need to consider how to deal" (?)

I guess it is refering to Gordon Brown, but some might feel it might as well mean George Bush, but in any event it doesn't matter as there is nothing even remotely endurable to replace Blair with within New Labour, it's not just Blair's departure we need to be planning for, but the swift removal of this entire menagerie of disgusting grotesques; Brown, Miliband, Reid, Clarke who's only goal is the permanent liquidation of society and will use any opportunity to do so.


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