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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gordon Brown: 'ruthless Stalinist'

Gordon BrownIndependent:

"Gordon Brown faced one of his blackest days in Government yesterday as the run up to his final Budget was overshadowed by dismal poll ratings, gloomy figures on the economy and warnings that he is a ruthless "Stalinist" .

As the Chancellor prepared for what he hoped to be a triumphant 11th and final Budget before taking the keys to No 10, Lord Turnbull, the former head of the civil service and permanent secretary at the Treasury, unleashed an attack on Mr Brown's character, saying the Chancellor took a "very cynical view of mankind and his colleagues". The comments fuelled warnings that Mr Brown's personal style will hinder cabinet government if he succeeds Tony Blair. [...]

Meanwhile, an ICM poll in The Guardian demonstrated the political mountain Mr Brown has to climb, showing that the Conservatives' lead over Labour would widen if Mr Brown became Labour leader. The poll gave the Tories a 10 point lead over Labour, but when people were asked how they would cast their votes if Mr Brown was leader, the party's support dropped by three points to 28 per cent, while backing for David Cameron's party jumped to 43 per cent. [...]

Lord Turnbull's comments, in an interview with The Financial Times, echoed criticism from past cabinet colleagues, who have described Mr Brown as a " control freak", and said he would make an "awful Prime Minister".

His criticism of Mr Brown was reinforced by other senior civil servants. Sir Stephen Wall, a former Downing Street adviser on Europe, said: "People in the Labour Party need to weigh the virtues against the downsides. I cannot recall a time ­ and I was a civil servant for 35 years, including during the Thatcher period, which was a pretty brutal period ­ when there has been such a lack of open communication between the Treasury and the rest of Whitehall, and that is not good for government."

Lord Turnbull said yesterday he had been speaking off the record but in a BBC Radio 4 programme on the civil service under New Labour to be broadcast tomorrow, he says too much power has been developed at the centre of government. [...]

The Prime Minister ordered his official spokesman to disown Lord Turnbull's criticism, while the deputy leadership candidates Hilary Benn and Alan Johnson also rallied behind Mr Brown. Mr Johnson said he had known Stalinists in his time, and Mr Brown was not one of them"

The case against this vile creature, this disgusting stained war criminal coward and detached delusional dictator is just beyond overwhelming and it's worth reminding ourselves yet again, in fact there it is mentioned again in one of the newspapers today, that domestic policy unleashed on this country under New Labour is not so much Blair but Brown.

And of course some of us, have been warning about Gordon Brown for a long time now.

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