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Monday, March 05, 2007

End the nightmare in the UK - who wants to live here anymore seriously ?

Something else we should also mention today is this story about the rotting fetid tinpot regime's obsession to now start fingerprinting children. It's covered in all the media of course let's just pick the Scotsman:

"Liam Byrne, the immigration minister, said the idea was part of preparations for new biometric passports and identity cards. From next year, everyone over 16 applying for a passport will have their fingerprints - along with eye and facial scans - recorded on the National Identity Register.

But Mr Byrne said ministers were concerned that teenagers over 16 could end up travelling on passports without biometric details if they hold a five-year child passport issued between the ages of 11 and 15.

David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said widespread fingerprinting would change the relationship between the state and citizens.

"This borders on the sinister and it shows the government is trying to end the presumption of innocence," he said."

Any rational person should fully understand, that it is sinister that it is happening to anyone not just children, and this plan isn't new because it has been seen in the context of this European database.

When we see a government like this which is really just part of a global axis of misery and destruction, obsessed with trying to wipe out current society and replace it with a different kind of world, a world of a centralised elite dishing out political punishments from a lifestyle and information database and to find childish, really autistic justifications for doing so, we have to accept that we need to get rid of the regime, its supporters and the kind of thinking that it may leave behind.

I know some people still can't quite get their minds round this, and try instead to project a hopeless participation and consent onto these things, but we are beyond tolerating that bubble now and it needs to be popped. Furthermore, instead of complaining about the United States, or Europe and their own schemes on biometrics and passports to be trying to lobby these citizens of these countries against what is being created altogether.

According to a couple of the responses to the Scotsman's article, there really is still this small lost and I would say dying faction who is genuinely terrified of being blown up by terrorists, who really has tried to make excuses for this stuff in their mind, to try to find hoplessly inadequate rationalizations for it. Assuming those posts are genuine, which they are not always, this is the narrow band of support the regime relies on, the very easily manipulated in society, the extremely vulnerable.

And then this thing Byrne starts talking about the 'war on illegal immigration' ? Spare us the pathetic soundbyte to try to appeal to the Daily Mail's readership. It's not illegal immigration that is really a problem, this is such a disgusting distortion of everything going on. We really have to get a grip on this.

And perhaps the best way to do so, is to become not just anti-war, anti-ID cards, anti-rubbish tax, anti-tracking and tracing toll roads, anti-fingerprints but anti-regime and to identifiy it for what it is, as something inherently so vile and disgusting and awful that it must be wiped off the face of the Earth.

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Blogger Richard said...

One of my brothers retired, sold up and went to live in (South/West/Med Turkey three years ago. I visit each year - and hate having to come back here.

Another (much wealthier) brother retires this coming September. He's already bought a lovely villa in Cyprus, where he's moving to permanently once finished working.

My sister and her husband both retired at the begining of this year, and are viewing properties in Spain -- and NOT just as holiday homes.

Me? If it wasn't for my health probs and genuine need of the NHS -- by now I'd have been ANYWHERE on/in the Med, a long time ago.

I'm proud to be an old Brit but hate what Britain's become. You may find this hard to fathom but I find it better/easier to be an old Brit - abroad - than here at home.

8:44 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Richard you are your brothers are not alone. The BBC had a poll not long ago, and it wasn't really reported, but more people than ever are leaving, not just for nice reasons, but because of what this country is becoming.

How much longer I'm going stay I really don't know to be honest.

8:46 PM  

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