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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Al-Qaeda vows to hurt Obama's US "

The second-in-command of Islamic militant network al-Qaeda has called on Muslims to harm "criminal" America. In a message purportedly from Ayman al-Zawahiri, the al-Qaeda deputy accused US President-elect Barack Obama of betraying his Muslim roots.

He likened him to a "house slave" - who had chosen to align himself with the "enemies" of Islam. Mr Obama has said stamping out al-Qaeda "once and for all" will be a top priority during his administration.

On Sunday, he said capturing or killing Osama Bin Laden was "critical" to US security. He has also promised to bolster the US presence in Afghanistan - a policy that would fail, said the al-Qaeda deputy.

The US said the message did not signal any increased threat against America.

[...] The audio message, which ran with photographic stills and some video footage, appeared on militant websites.


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Blogger Irdial said...

Take a look at the actual video on LiveLeak. The BBC report on this is just the sort of weak nonsense we have come to expect from them.

As you can see, "and some video footage" actually means excerpts of speeches by Malcom X. These clpis are not just 'some footage' but the words of a highly and widely respected, greatly admired historic figure from American history; so respected is Malcom X that Hollywood made a documentary about him with Denzel Washington playing Mr. X.

I do however have a problem with this video.

If Al CIAda is a puppet organization, there is no way they could make a video that is as good as this. Their other attempts at fakery look and sound fake - the language is not genuine. This is just too good, too...real.

Either way, whatever its source or what you may think of it, this clip is a pretty startling piece of work, that demands far more analysis than the snobby public school prefect brushoff treatment that the BBC gave it.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous jultra said...

Good points Irdial and thanks for that.

And yes I always found Malcolm X an intriguing figure too and there's a very interesting speech he gave:


particularly about 1:15 onwards which is seems to be directly almost totally erased from the record when people talk about him, probably because it just happens to have some inconvenient reality in it.

Now the video itself, when I posted that I hadn't seen the video but I was going to put something like 'Yawn', or 'ho hum' etc after it but yes the thing with the video although some of it supposed be goading Obama, some of it is quite frankly true.

You are very correct, all this stuff does deserve a lot more analysis, and I think a lot of sensible people have had real doubts about the provenance of some of these 'messages' for some time.


12:45 PM  

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