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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Labour planning 'class' laws

Another item from the Daily Mail:

So basically here, you have some internal war of Labour witches fighting for the magic cauldron that can easiest deploy misery on everyone else. It's quite a funny read, but I didn't realise this until I read the article:

"Last month, she [Harman] unveiled plans for a so-called ‘class law’ in which public bodies would have a legal duty to take account of people’s social class in the same way they have to consider race and gender"

I had to go back and read about this. This is just extraordinary. In fact I made a joke about this somehwhere once, and everyone understood it as a joke, and they are actually trying to make it a policy.

There comes a time when the government just stops being a government and starts going very very wrong. It started going serisouly wrong in the UK on May 1st 1997 and has been getting more and more and more extreme as time has gone on.

I hate to play the conspiracy card, from some of the things we saw last year with Blair attacking Brown, with Lord Levy attacking Brown, with Mandelson being parachuted back into the mechanics of government who Brown notoriously hated as Mandelson supported Blair over Brown for leadership early on, I seriously doubt Gordon Brown is operating in any kind of real capacity of leader at all.

And again, over the last year and currently portrayed in this article in the Mail, we've been all too aware of this jostling for power behind Brown; at least according to the press, although I accept they could be misleading us.

Certainly one gets the impression that policy is being formed somewhere else.

In the end you're getting serious dollops of radical Bolshevism masquerading as modern 'caring' 'responsible' government and seeing how far that can be pushed.

Ask yourself what is there to fear so much from a country being itself ? And where does this non-stop impetus for extreme social policy mixed with the machinery of the police state come from ?

And I don't think the answer to that is with a ridiculous crank like Harriet Harman.

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