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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Guardian: Polls: Tories on course for landslide

I'm not going to talk about the Swine Fever thing right now, I see plenty of other sites are.

Some light, but interesting analysis from The Guardian on the political landscape. Surely The Guardian, just as Labour, will seek to motivate their constituency, but it's nonetheless interesting.

I haven't been studying political polls for some time, but the trend is clear overall as I understand it being reported and started to become all too obvious some time ago. It's just such a shame that, by and large, that old adage about the party in power loosing the election rather than the opposition winning seems to be what we are looking at.

However, I reckon we will be able to rely on the media and the Labour Party doing everything they can to evade why they lost the election; to put it down to a bunch of spurious political reasons, and 'lack of leadership' and so on, while the attempt to create a shocking police state of bobbling slaves, the legacy and endowment of Tony Blair and complicity of Gordon Brown and others of the Iraq War, amongst other horrendous crimes will never even come into it.

Guardian: "We've now had three polls, from two different polling organisations, since last week's budget, and they're all saying much the same thing, which suggests that they are worth taking seriously. The news is dire for Labour: on current form, the Tories are heading for a landslide.

For the record, here are the figures:

ComRes in the Independent (published today)

Conservatives: 45 (up five from ComRes last month)

Labour: 26 (down two)

Lib Dems: 17 (down one)

Conservative lead: 19 (up seven)

YouGov in the Sunday People (published on Sunday)

Conservatives: 45 (up four from YouGov in the Telegraph last month)

Labour: 27 (down four)

Lib Dems: 17 (no change)

Conservative lead: 18 (up eight)

YouGov in the Daily Telegraph (published on Saturday)

Conservatives: 45 (up four from YouGov in the Telegraph last month)

Labour: 27 (down four)

Lib Dems: 18 (up one)

Conservative lead: 18 (up eight)

I've fed the ComRes figures into two websites that provide election predictions on the basis of share of the vote numbers, Electoral Calculus and UK Polling Report. Electoral Calculus says the Tories would have a majority of 186. UK Polling Report, which uses a slightly different methodology, predicts a majority of 170. Either way, it's still pretty big"

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