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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Embattled Blair sheltered by Murdoch shill

Murdoch owned asset and Police gaff friendly gossip rag The News of World, has given a sympathetic ear to beset Met Chief Sir Ian Blair who is under increasing pressure to resign.

In an exclusive interview, embattled Blair says he "believed for 24 hours that his officers had shot dead a failed July 21 suicide bomber."

However, instead of helping to clear his battered name, Sir Ian Blair has once again managed to smear himself in more questions at the behest of Rupert Murdoch, as the Observer reveals:

Police officers from the team involved in the fatal shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes did not believe he posed 'an immediate threat'.

A police source said: 'There is no way those three guys would have been on the train carriage with him [de Menezes] if they believed he was carrying a bomb. Nothing he did gave the surveillance team the impression that he was carrying a device.'

Sir Ian's latest gaff creates more questions than it answers, threatening to drag the reputation of the Police (as already confessed by Blair) more and more into disrepute. Instead of creating Order out of Chaos, Blair has succeeded in further muddying the waters surrounding the appalling execution style killing which has caused international outrage and which now looks certain to end his career.

"This was the biggest story in the world at that point." said Blair on the London bombings. But ironically, the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes followed by Blair's future is now the biggest story in the world.

Moments before Ian Blair claimed his was informed of the shocking murder he said "I think it's fantastic. The Met's playing out of its socks."

Alarmingly, all this points to a Police Chief out of touch, out of sync, misinformed and oblivious, not in control, who is trying his hardest to spin himself out of trouble but only creating more disorder and chaos out of an already terrible and inexcusable situation.

The News of the World, who likes to give succor to ranting Police chiefs reports Blair as saying

"What concerns me is that this part of the story is concentrating on the death of one individual when we have 52 dead people from all faiths and communities in London and from abroad."

That out-of-touch Blair believes political pressure to be 'tough on terror' outweighs state sponsored murder is enough to demonstrate he is not fit to be in charge; his priorites skewed and twisted by War on Terror fever, and in grave danger of politicizing the entire Police force.

The then 52 that died, did so at the hands of terrorists, not the police. Trying to excuse away your shocking series of blunders, sloppiness and cover ups by trying to hide behind the deaths of others is beyond all belief.

Your credibility is gone Blair and now you must be gone too.

"Not our problem"

"I've made sure anti-terror investigators are not affected. I've told them ‘This is not your problem' said Blair who is content to shield and censor his compartmentalized elements from reality while they feed him with bunkum.

Blair also confesses that the veneer of terror was used to condone the cover up:

A letter was written to the IPCC and Permanent Secretary by Blair also contained concerns that if the dead man was a suicide bomber then certain information would have to be kept from the family—flying in the face of the IPCC's obligation to keep such families informed. Sir Ian says: "That was a legitimate stance for a Met Police Commissioner."

Which tallies with earlier astonishing reports that Jean Charles de Menezes' family were orginally gagged by a blanket of secrecy:

Other relatives will urge the independent investigators to include the family’s list of allegations in the official inquiry. Among them is a claim that the police tried to get Brazilian diplomats in London to persuade Mr de Menezes’s parents not to ask for a second post-mortem examination.

When one was carried out, five days after the killing, some police officers leading the investigation spoke to the pathologist and gave him details of the shooting which, the lawyers claim, the officers at that time should have known were false.

Relatives claim that after the shooting they were moved to a Surrey hotel where the telephone lines in their rooms were cut to stop them explaining to their family in Brazil what had happened.

Meanwhile the Observer reveals more damning info:

Holidaying Executioners

For reasons as yet unclear, members of the firearms team have yet to submit their own account of the events to the IPCC. The two members of the team believed to have fired the fatal shots are known to have gone on holiday immediately after the shooting.


The Observer can also reveal that the de Menezes family was offered £15,000 after the shooting. The ex gratia payment, which does not affect legal action by the family or compensation, is a fraction of the $1 million (£560,000) reported to have been offered the family. Police yesterday denied they had made the offer, which the family has described as 'offensive'.


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