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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Blair prepares Whitewash for Blair

So now it's from No.10 (BBC), and we have the most insidious, corrupt Prime Minister endorsing the most odious incompetent Police Commissioner. Quite a combo.

When asked if Tony Blair had full confidence in Sir Ian over his handling of the Jean Charles de Menezes case, a spokeswoman said: "Yes."

I can't help but make the prediction that disredited politicized Commissioner Sir Ian Blair will be whitewashed over the murder of Jean Charles. Now that would be a grave poltical mistake as well as being completely preposterous.

There is no legitimacy, no confidence in the Metropolitan Police Service until Blair is gone. It's that simple. Everything the police are currently fighting for in terms of trust is meaningless as long as this incompetent misinfo cover-up buffoon remains.

No coincidence that the only people supporting him are the government and Rupert Murdoch.

This move by Tony Blair will spectacularly back fire, and as a long time watcher of this grotesque Prime Minister who is usually very slick, I am surprised by this announcement which has shifted from "secret senior Labour figures" to everyone going public in a matter of days.

That suggests the IPCC and the Police are feeding Ministers and No.10 with a running commentary and have forseen that Ian Blair's whitewash will be a foregone conclusion and a politcally safe bet. But it won't be a politically safe bet, it can't be because of the reasons given above. To endorse the person who has callously presided over the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes, then tried to sweep it under the carpet and then used all manner of spin techniques, a media mogul and politicans to try rescue him is madness.

Ian Blair is damned beyond measure. He is damaged goods. Arrogant, and aloof and out of step; every second he remains he further dissolves the credibility of the Police.


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