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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Blair spins phony tribute for honored Mowlam

New-Labour leader Tony Blair has paid tribute to Mo Mowlam, saying she was "one of the most remarkable and colourful personalities in the history of British politics"

Mr Blair said she had...transformed the politics of Northern Ireland.

But forgetful Blair sacked Mowlam in 1999 as Northern Ireland secretary in favor of his long time political ally and New Labour masseus Peter Mandelson.

However Mandelson was not in the position long before he lost his job again, subsequently banished to Europe where he still practices his dark arts.

After becoming increasingly disaffected with Blair's premiership, Mo Mowlam became a vocal opponent of the war in Iraq and stood down as an MP in 2001.

Jultra says: As the second anti-war, anti Blair, anti spin politician the UK has lost in the last month, this is a very sad time indeed. Truly only the good die young.


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