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Friday, October 14, 2005

Scots need talking CCTV to control them

This must be the Big Brother day of the year.

Taling cameras in Glasgow

BIG Brother is watching you - and he's about to give neds a stern telling off.

Britain's first talking CCTV cameras are set to hit the streets of Glasgow.

The armour-plated Metal Mickey cameras turn a spotlight on suspects then give them a warning.

CCTV bosses at Streetwatch Glasgow hope the new system will stop crime before it happens.

Controllers at their centre in Blochairn will issue the warnings when they spot troublemakers.

Streetwatch chief executive Frank Macfadden said: "These cameras can be used as an intervention tool either through live voice or emitting a light source on to trouble.

"It's no longer about recording incidents, it's about changing behaviour. We could stop a street fight before it escalates, for example.

"If you can intervene with voice and light then you can stop a crime." Six of theĀ£15,000 cameras will be installed before Christmas.

One will be set up in the city centre, two in Drumchapel and others in Whiteinch.

Warnings will vary depending on the situation. They are likely to inform people they are being recorded and that police are on their way.

Research shows criminals are prepared to take their chance with current CCTV in the hope they won't be identified. The new system could change that.

Mr Macfadden added: "The aim is to make a difference at the time when something is happening, to let those responsible know the cameras are live and stop what they are doing."

Inspector Peter Macrae, of Strathclyde Police, said: "The whole concept is to change people's behaviour


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