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Sunday, July 24, 2005

John Stevens latest gaff

Retired Police Met Commissioner and alleged prominent Freemason Sir/Lord John Stevens just can't keep quiet, this time defending the Police's current policy which caused such an shocking tragedy last week. A policy Stevens put in place.

Sir John Stevens cretin"We are living in unique times of unique evil, at war with an enemy of unspeakable brutality, and I have no doubt that the principle is right despite the chance of error"

Who are you talking about Stevens, you, the government or the terrorists ? This has-been simply can't restrain himself from making endless noisy comments that are not even remotely helpful.

Possible Freemason Stevens has been whipping up the 'War on Terror' for far too long, playing the perfect Bush/Blair propaganda puppet and getting paid for his running commentary in a 'newspaper' that is not fit to wipe your ass with.

Forget it Stevens. Yes there are some fanatical, dangerous individuals or groups ready to cause mayhem but every single fucking comment you get paid to make by Rupert Murdoch's gutter smut rag has been a spectacularly embarrassing, unprofessional sensationalist gaff.

Allegedly exposed Freemason Stevens, has long been spreading his poisonous FUD with regards the War on Terror, ID Cards and a load of other crap which security services and canny politicans have tried to distance themselves from.

If it keeps you from writing any more drivel then go share some of that brotherly love back at the lodge Stevens, and continue to plot the NWO in silence. Now, how's that for a helpful comment ?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you on about? Stevens is NOT a Freemason. Grow up!

6:39 PM  

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