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Thursday, November 03, 2005

'bits of al-Qaeda': bio, chem, genetic terror UK

"Asserting that the July 7 suicide bombings were not the worst attacks that could be expected, a former head of British intelligence has said chemical, biological and genetic terrorism was ‘in prospect’ and a nuclear attack could not be ruled out in the UK.

Sir Richard Dearlove, who retired last year as head of the secret intelligence service M16, said the July 7 bombings that killed 52 London commuters did not amount to a "strategic terrorist event,"

Dearlove, who was talking part in a debate on terrorism arranged by London law firm Ashurst, said chemical, biological and genetic terrorism was in prospect and nuclear attack could not be ruled out.[...]"

"There is no question that bits of al-Qaeda would have been extremely interested in biological weapons technology, radiological devices and, ultimately, nuclear devices." Express India

Is this a real story or a joke one ? The axis of bullshit fear strikes again. On the one hand you have a completely shipwrecked shell of a UK prime minister, you have Commissioner PC, Ian Blair saying "The sky is dark", you have MI5's Eliza Manningham-Buller saying torture can be good for intelligence, and you must give up your civil liberties to fight terror, and you have the former 'C' Sir Richard Dearlove, now throwing every conceivable WMD including 'Genetic terrorism' into the mix and talking about 'bits of al-Qaeda'.

And this mix is pretty worrying. This shadowy axis, this blob of political fanatics, unaccountable spin doctors, senior civil servants, security heads, police, terrorist 'assets' and multinational private defense and technology contractors all in this big enormous swirling mess together.

If those suitcase nukes go off or 'genetic terrorism' happen then should we really be looking toward 'bits of al-Quaeda' ? And which bits?

Or is this just another attempt to come to Tony's aid like Ian Blair yesterday ?

Other news: Security services tracked all 7/7 bombers


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