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Thursday, December 01, 2005

How Blair does it

Blair and the globalists
1. What are the globalist elite pushing ? War, more EU integration, reinvent the nuclear power industry, ID cards, etc

2. Decide that you will do whatever is. Maybe you have even decided some considerable time ago, or the decision was given to you, and it is just something to tick off on a list.

3. To railroad this political choice through you need the civil service, intel, police, non-ministerial departments etc, seemingly onside to give the veneer of authenticity and legitimacy to your plans, otherwise too many of the generally dimwitted public who will pay for your scheme will smell a rat right at the outset. They need conditioning

If you don't have enough lackeys in these places already, place key figures or introduce new special advisers to oversee what is happening that are either working for you or sufficiently corrupt/flawed/warped/bonkers. These will take a lot of heat for you later on.


4. Drizzle government/civil service press releases to the BBC and other media that pertain to the social/criminal/global/environmental problem your already-taken political decision will solve, like "Global warming is worse than terrorism", or "some man refused to identify himself to the police and he well may therefore automatically be a terrorist or child molester" and so on.

4b. If you haven't done so yet, announce an inquiry*, to pretend to investigate the 'problem' your already-made political decision could solve. The inquiry itself is worthless, its pretext completely fictitious as its conclusions and recommendations are already established. It will also serve to overwrite the findings of any recent inquiries you have just had, which may be politically contrary to whatever you decided in step 2.

* inquiry/report/whatever

5. Get greedy business leaders who want a slice of the pie to start talking up your 'option' (decision from 2), using phrases like 'this will make Britain fit for the 21st century', even when they really don't care a shit about any notion of a domestic economy at all and just want a UK government subsidy handout or captive/slave market for their multinational corporate globalist buddies.

Gordon Brown won't pay for it5b. At the same time, conversely, get the Chancellor of the Exchequer to say the Treasury won't pay for this plan and it needs to be 'self-funding', this takes the eye of the British people off the ball that they will be forced into paying an additional, unoffical rigged stealth-fee to massive multinational companies for their own needs / prison / whatever the thing is.

6. If anyone has already grasped the plot, point to the ongoing inquiry as evidence that no decision has been taken, and that 'we must await the outcome'

7. While still describing your decision as an 'option', announce the need for 'a public debate' about the issue your taken-decision will purport to solve, then start writing-off opponents of your 'option' (decision) as 'luddites' or 'not facing up to the challenges of the modern world' or 'stopping reform' or 'putting the country at risk'.

7b. Watch as the bedazzled media start wrangling with the fraudulent choice you've handed them and hope that a fairly clueless public are slowly conditioned.

7c. Keep drizzling those Home Office/other government department press releases to the BBC and other outlets that propagandizes the 'important' issue your 'option' would address.

8. Continue to manufacture consent by claiming 'public support' for the idea, even if polls show a tiny minority in favor of the plan and deep-rooted well-founded public and Parliamentary rejection of the idea that will never be changed.

8b. Start getting your corrupt puppets in the civil/mil/intel/police service to come forward and champion your plan (They are completely expendable, they will soil quickly in doing this). If there aren't enough available on your payroll use any ex-ones who are already stained or who have too much time on their hands to complain. If it's something to do with terrorism then use phrases like "The sky is dark" and "Nuclear and genetic terrorism". If absolutely no current- or ex-public servant is available start using business leaders to whip up a fear campaign. Alternatively, use your special advisers to respin their opinions into something that supports your plan.

8c. Start saying your option is exactly what is happening in the rest of the world, even if that is not true.

The British public8d. After many have started waking up to the false debate you have given them in 7 and 7b, start steering them towards chasing the forthcoming publication of the sham inquiry you started in 4b.

8e. Note at this point, good public office/police/security etc people and ex-ones who may or may not be aware it is all actually a plot will start attacking the plan and bringing reality back in. Some may resign. You can try to spin against some of these, or out them. If all else fails they could always mysteriously end up dead. Another inquiry will sort that out though.

Murdoch9. Leak the results of the fabricated inquiry you set up in 4b, early, to Rupert Murdoch. This will show how wonderful your 'option' is and how it is 'the right thing for Britain' (Your 'option' really being the decision you took back in 2 of course).

9b. Set up another false inquiry into how it got leaked.

10. Proceed if you can, but even if you can't, the corrupt stained public servants will have taken a lot of the stick for you. Usually, public outcry would demand they be replaced at this point like cat litter, but it's handy to keep them in; this conditions the British public that such depraved people with power over them is a 'normal' and 'good' scenario to be accepted. Keeping them in office sets the framework for future notches up in distortion and depravity.

10b. If the civil/public/military service or your own integrity and image are so badly damaged then immediately set up yet another false inquiry into what happened run by your cronies with a tiny remit to only look into one trivial or peripheral area. Although this won't quite fool many in the mainstream media, it will serve as a distraction for them to grapple with and buy you more time. If necessary, follow up with more of these bogus useless inquiries until the public are so confused and bored they have forgotten what the original inquiry was about.

10c. To your persistent critics, point to the results of the endless series of bogus rigged inquiries you set up in 10b and keep saying "I've been completely exonerated".

Format inspired by a Prison Planet article on the London bombings


Blogger Richard said...


Better late than never. I'm keeping my promise to call back here, and am glad I did.

Ha. Talk about nailing it. You could give a 'master-class' on this. A great post!

6:06 PM  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Cheers Richard and many thanks for the post! I'm sure a lot has been written by people way cleverer than me over the years on this sort of thing, but I am just so sick of the way Blair keeps ramming this crap through, and it's the same tactic every time.

1:08 AM  
Blogger Gert said...

How Blair does it? Nice and sleazy does it...

4:45 PM  

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