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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sky is dark for Sir Ian Blair

Ian Blair"Ian Blair's future as head of the Metropolitan police came under renewed pressure yesterday with the announcement of an inquiry into his conduct after the death of Jean Charles de Menezes.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is to consider whether Sir Ian misled the public after the Brazilian electrician was shot dead by police at Stockwell Tube station on July 22.

The inquiry was prompted by a complaint from the Menezes family. The commission is due to report on a separate inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the shooting to the Crown Prosecution Service this year.

The service will decide if there are grounds for a criminal prosecution of the police officers who mistook the27-year-old Brazilian for a suicide bomber.

In an interview with the FT yesterday, Sir Ian said the terror threat continued. "The sky is very dark. London is a major target for al-Qaeda and its affiliates and could face another attack."

Note well that the sky is now "very dark", as opposed to just "dark"

Ah who needs Al-Qaeda with a soiled wretched radicalized mentally-ill useless sick pathetic puppet like Ian Blair around ?


Blogger crallspace said...

Hey, Bush said he would help find the terrorists who hit London, so dammit, I believe him. He has never told a lie and anyone who questions him is unAmerican and helping the terrorists.

Surely, I jest.

6:24 PM  
Anonymous jultra said...

Well it's exactly this war-on-terror mania from Bush and the Neocons and their multinational corporate buddies that has so poisoned the world has elevated warped flawed people like Ian Blair, and given them sanctuary and succor.

In Ian Blair's case he has long been a problem and a political stain on policing, but more bubbling under the surface when he was deputy commissioner. Just about every bad thing in policing and law and order, you can find Ian Blair is involved in it somewhere.

He's a tragic, crackpot political tool that needs removing from policing and confining back to his padded cell where he belongs instead of pretending to be a police chief.

10:48 PM  

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